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  1. I've always wanted to troop in the rain! And yes, that officer's uniform looks great. I don't mean it in a suggestive way, but it seems to fit very snuggly, which is a plus with officer's uniforms. Phil
  2. I would say no, don't do it. I agree that it's just beat up, not intentional like sandtroopers. Leaving the armor dirty over time is ok and helps it to look used, which it is. Paint dings and stuff don't help it, in my opinion. Phil
  3. cool, that's good to know. I haven't had to drill rivets out myself but I know most people regard it as a pain. Phil
  4. Sadly I think the short answer is, "you don't". The belt could be removed without much trouble, just fray around the rivet and pull. The rivet in the plastic, however, is pretty much there to stay. You can remove them with a dremel, by dremeling around the rivet and taking it out, but you leave a gaping hole in the armor. If you want to attach the belt and keep it removable, I would go with velcro or snaps. Phil
  5. Rubies both is 5404, along the back right wall of the con. Words can't explain the suck of the armor
  6. Hey folks, Had the misfortune of seeing the Rubies armor up close at San Diego Comic-Con. I haven't taken pics yet, but I'm sure we'll have some soon from me or someone else. The suit is hard plastic and, though it appears molded from a ROTJ suit (ridges on edges), it is very warped. The Rubies guy actually told an interested party ahead of me that the armor they see on most people costs $4k to complete and this is licensed and only $1k. When I came up, he answered some assembly questions (mostly velcro and elastic) and told me that most other suits run $6k to complete and this is only $1k. He asked if I'd seen the other suits, I replied politely that I have one, he hesitated and asked me how much it cost to complete, I told him about $800. He said well, considering the work it must have required, the two are about the same. The helmet is hideous, absolutely hideous, and the armor is very warped. No one should worry about this being accepted into the Legion. Phil
  7. I also trimmed the U in my forearms (AFX) and I think it makes a lot of difference. I also try to keep my bicep up above my elbow too, but still occasionally get the armor hickies the day after... Phil
  8. Personally I think the easiest way would just be to trim down the top of the kidney plate. No screwing around with the edge on the back plate, plus the FX kidney plate is too large anyway. But that's just me, I've got a speed-pass for the road most travelled I always look for the easy way... Phil
  9. I think someone on the 501st forum mentioned thinking they heard something on the RPF about this being a clever way to video-document the destruction of a defective product in order to get a replacement from Sideshow. They thought it was telling that she didn't destroy the bike too. I hope that's the case. Phil
  10. Marching comes pretty easily to me, had four years of marching band It might be interesting for a group of troops in one area to work on something like a video of how to march and post it for everyone. That would help spread the word through the legion about marching basics. For the drill team, I think that sounds sweet. It also seems like it would have to be troops that live relatively close to one another, but just the sight would be very cool. Phil
  11. no, the coin was used to create the circle in the middle of the belt. The imprint was visible from the inside. I'm not familiar with some of the old-school tells from GF. I actually got my GF suit already assembled by TE, so I'm not 100% sure how it compares to a vintage GF suit or if TE made any other mods to mine. I'm sure one of our more knowledgeable guys will pop on here and sort it out Phil
  12. GF suit? This was mine, and the ab looks very similar to me. Maybe someone else can help, did the ANH gf suits have a canadian coin imprint or was it just his first, AFX-style suits? Phil
  13. "I'm picking up your sarcasm." "That's because I'm laying it on you pretty thick."
  14. as an alternative: My thighs still close with velcro in the back and snap to the straps that come down from the ab armor. I can take off my thighs and sit, bend over, and kneel down. I usually wait to put them on last because of the incredible range of motion that I have without them. Phil
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