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    Classic and antique cars, spray paint artist, making cosplay armor and weapons, anything Star Wars, serving the Empire. Also craft beer =')

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  1. What size magnets are you using? They look small. Just wondering as I'm about to start my build.
  2. Your font is very easy to read. As for color combo, make it TK blue and gray . Or make one of same symbol but use Imperial font for the same words And TK colors.
  3. That is why I'm glad for your help good sir
  4. I will most likely go with double snap method like you did. I've seen some use industrial strength Velcro to attach armor.
  5. How about alligator skin holsters?
  6. Someone on here told me that the bracket system can crack the return edges that they are fastened to.
  7. Awesome build. I too am moding a Rubies. So on the spring, was the pvc pipe you wrapped it around approximately the same diameter as the blaster? Also the thinner wire makes it easier to snake into the slot?
  8. Will a Rubies one work for level one? I'm moding it to look realistic.
  9. Don't throw them away. Send me some. I'll gladly pay you for shipping if you are in the States.
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