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  1. Hello all, I'm looking to find some soft parts for my build. I've already got gaskets from Geeky-pink. I am still looking for: - Undersuit - gloves - belt pouch - Boots I'm looking for vendors willing to ship to the middle east. Any Ideas? Regards Jolly
  2. Hello all! I just received my armour from 850 Armour Works, and have never felt more ecstatic and clueless at the same time. I spent the first hour (after jumping around in excitement) just sorting out the the parts and trying to figure out what goes where... If you are familiar with trimming guides for each part or in general, please send a link in your comment. Progress updates will follow, so stay tuned in! Below is a list of parts received (including some I simpl y could not identify) (links to Google Drive first, actual images right after A few ques
  3. Hello all, I am looking into soft parts for my First order storm trooper. While looking for an under-suit, neck-seal and gloves I stumbled over the following site called "Stormtrooper Undersuit". Has anyone purchased from this supplier recently? Are their products up to par with approval standards? I would love any reviews/feedback you may have regarding this supplier before I commit to purchasing. I would also love any recommendation for an EU supplier of soft parts/gaskets as I am hailing you from the Holy-Land. Best regards, Moran
  4. Greetings all from the Holy (and holey) land. I'm completely new to the whole cosplay/armor building scene. and am currently interested in the TFA new order storm trooper build. I am aware that it may be more complicated than the classic ANH storm trooper, But the executioner storm trooper is the goal I've set. I've currently been looking into many vendors that are willing to ship to Israel. Prices are through the roof! Most demand USD 850 W/O helmets not including shipping so I'm going to have to find a creative solution. I'll address this in the vendors forum (has anyone w
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