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  1. Ok, I have added the finishing touch to the beast in form of a sling. After researching the slings used in the movie I found that they were a Enfield rifle sling used in WW2. These are still quite common to buy and I found 2 at a good price (2 slings are needed for the T-21), alas the shipping from the US to here was a JOKE. Besides I have scratch built the whole gun so I thought I would have a go at making a sling. Started with a ratchet strap, I cut this in half and sewed the 2 halfs together to make it thicker. I made the end clips out of a piece of gal. metal and wire. A thinned out coat of acrylic paint tinted to a shade of tan was painted into the strap and a light coat of gold sprayed on to the clips to give them a brass look. A metal brace was cut and filed into shape for the mount on the stock. All attached and ready to go. Forgot to add in the first post that this can be broken down in two for transport. Cheers.
  2. It started with this....... And ended with THIS...... The main body is pine with greeblies made out of posterboard with super glue soaked into it and pvc pipe. The barrel of the "beast" is 2 sizes of pvc pipe, a plastic tumbler and 13mm neoprene rubber. For the paint finish I uncoated the the timber on the body of the gun and then coated it with a enamel "hammer" spray paint, then weathered it with silver. The stock and hand grips were stained with a walnut stain and then given 2 coats of clear varnish. Scratches and dents were made with the edge of a metal ruler and then black acrylic paint rubbed into said scratches for a beaten up and used look. The cooling fins were given a coat of gold spray paint and then weathered with black acrylic paint and silver paint. Rear sight is movable. This beast ROCKS.........:punk: Cheers........
  3. This scumbag has and does nothing with making and selling props. He steals other people's armour photos and then tries to sell it claiming it is his. This bastard targets my Garrison a lot, but thanks to our command staff he has been detected early and not allowed to rip anyone off. It's due to this early detection that CS has been able to warn all the 501st detachments as well. Please don't put the rest of us Aussies in the same basket as this a very impolite person, there is some awesome prop work being done down under.
  4. Just letting you know, I never received any email about polls. And only rarely do I get the newsletter.
  5. I have seen a lot of duct tape mannies, yours is the best by far. Very professional finish and the pose is perfect. Well done.
  6. Thanks mate, ammo drum is made out of some thick plastic I found, pvc pipe, plumbing fixtures(I ended up casting these so I wasn't buying a heap of bits) and a rubber matt for the "ribbing". Cheers.
  7. Thought I would share a couple of my blasters that I have scratch built myself. Blaster.... BFG..... Hope you like. Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, I have fixed the straps to the drop boxes. Thanks for pointing those out. Cheers.
  9. Hey all, here are my pictures for EIB ANH Stunt. Lenses, screws and hovi tips. Armour Rivets Blaster Pose Fingers crossed. Cheers.
  10. Hey all, Martin here, sorry I should be saying TK-2620 Reporting(got my id# the other day). Just wanted to introduce myself and say a big G'DAY to all you guys and gals in white. Cheers... Martin.
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