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  1. All black now! Just need to get the inner bolt and spring in and pop the end on and put the stickers on the scope and I'm done! Can't wait to make a start on the helmet now. Look out for the build thread! Thanks so much for your help Dan, I'll be copying from your TK build too along with the RWA videos
  2. Ha ha, mate, it's been a struggle enough to get this far! I've worked in offices all my life and I'm not used to getting my hands dirty so this has been a real eye opener. Going to leave the inner bolt and ejection port and spring silver, everything else will be black although I see the grip and T-tracks now have to look plastic for Centurion? I'm itching to start on the suit so if that's the only thing that holds me back when I'm done I'll deal with it then
  3. Yes, just black, apart from the silver bits, not going to do any weathering at this stage
  4. Very, VERY good! [emoji3] It's been a long time coming
  5. I've put the primer on, hung up on the washing line!
  6. I'm baaaaack! [emoji846] It looks like the family stuff might actually be sorted soon so I'm going to carry on with my TK, here's where I've got to so far
  7. Managed to get the guard off cleanly so I'll put that in the right place. I was hoping to get away with glueing the stock but it's not working so I'm going to drill through and use a countersunk screw, maybe using a little green stuff to cover the screw head
  8. Balls! I had no idea that was wrong. I struggled with Airfix kits, not sure why I thought I could do this, let alone to Centurion standard. [emoji53] What's the best way to get that off, I'm using an epoxy resin
  9. Didn't quite get the sanding right on the sight so need some more green stuff there. Need to tidy up from glue overspill. Found the perfect sized tube to cut, the spring is not going quite so well!
  10. Made a bit more progress over the weekend, unfortunately some family stuff has come up so I can't dedicate as much time as I would like but I've got most bits glued in place now
  11. Thanks, I can't wait to get started! I'm constantly referring to that, I find it difficult to see the details sometimes once its all been painted up though
  12. Not quite sure on a couple of bits here.... Does this just glue on here like this?
  13. Hopefully i can get more done this bank holiday weekend as I got my BBB today!
  14. The handle screw is nice and flush now. Ive also glued 1 of the guards in place and pinned and glued the grip to the barrel.
  15. Nice work guys, some top tips there for me to think about
  16. Oh wow thanks Dan, I musunderstood the CRL then.
  17. Only thing i still need to get to hopefully get it through to Centurion level is a counter as I don't think the dummy one that comes will clear. Any ideas on where to get one?
  18. I did think maybe it was sticking out a bit much, thanks I'll drill a bit deeper
  19. Lastly for now I glued the d ring on the end cap and pinned the selector switch on the handle. I'm taking a break from it tomorrow to go to Wales Comic con so I'll be looking out those 501st guys!
  20. Once that was set I drilled a hole in the barrel so the bottom of the screwdriver head could act as a pin and glued it to the barrel
  21. Next I glued in the magazine then came the absolute bloody nightmare that was the scope.... I decided I was going to install a screwdriver head, carefully dremmelled at the top. As you can see I made quite the mess so more green stuff was deployed. I think I saved it
  22. Next I drilled out the resin screws at the end of the barrel and glued in 2 chopped off heads in the place, I later got some green stuff to tidy up underneath. I also drilled out the resin screw from the bottom of the handle and screwed in a real one, that at least was nice and easy!
  23. More progress made, correct screw installed and pin holes made to connect the handle to the barrel, I'll probably connect those last thing before the painting, seems to be lined up well I think.
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