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  1. New pics after some advice... Sent to my GML...Hope these work!
  2. Hey FT, Thanks for the help...done 1-4. 1. Didn't see my calf during the pictures 2. Tightened belt (and added some velcro) 3. Added another snap to the shoulder bell. 4. Trimmed (a ton) of material and readjusted the ammo belt. Really appreciate it. Getting suited up (on your own) is always an adventure
  3. Thanks for the advice. I do like the look though. I probably will end up trying to find some spare parts. The previous owner trimmed the kidney plate a litle too much for me. I have about an inch (+) gap on each side. I understand that's okay. So if anyone has an spare parts the wanted to get rid of cheap...
  4. Hi Locitus...I added those buttons for the looks mostly. ------------ I thought I saw on here I could get the ab plate replaced if I had to. In hind sight I probably should'be obtain a spare first.
  5. Got my buttons from VaderDave yesterday. Last piece to install...almost done...for now.
  6. Stuff laid out. Boot soles touched up.
  7. Okay every piece has been repainted with at least 1 coat. I'd like to troop it so I reinforced some areas and re did the harness to my taste and fit except the bucket...I'll probably put another coat on the chest today. --------------
  8. So I decided to repaint this weekend. Took pics with my phone but still not loading. I'll have to wait till I get home. Just waiting for buttons now.
  9. Thanks everyone. Re-did more straps last night to include harness to thighs and side chest strap. The chest to back strap is still a little too tight so that going to have to be refine. I actually sanded the buttons down so I could redo them.
  10. Had one shot resized right I think...
  11. Got my new (second hand) TE2 TK almost two weeks ago and haven't taken any photos while I've been rebuilding it for myself. Came in really great condition, and looks like its been holding up pretty well. It's definitely used but definitely not in a bad way...more like it just stormed a starship. Can't decide whether or not to go shiny. Lots of marks and like I said look pretty cool, but they're not mine...I've started sanding them out. Bucket shot is not my pic but it'll do. My camera pic was well over size limit. But the helmet was awesome! Most of the stuff I've been working was reworking the harness and snaps. The suit came with straps attached / glued directly to the suit. Biggest thing is re-harnessing the suit and cleaning some joints (shoulder straps). Some sizing, had to break open a couple joints (thighs) and repair a couple cracks (thighs). Biceps a little tight too. First time worn I was able to put everything on myself (using instructions here). Missed one strap which is why it was leaning, I think. Still need to paint boots. Also need to find thermal detonator clips for the belt. (which was also adjusted). Sorry for the bad photos...need to take pics the camera later.
  12. I know I'm a newb, but I saw this on 501. Dengar armor has two knee plates. I think under Dengar reference. Looked pretty cool. Bounty hunter I think right?
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