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  1. I got he same canned response on the FOTK kits, but was told also that the TLJ helmets are delayed again so hopefully it is true. That being said they gave themselves the rest of the year to get them out........
  2. Anyone "in the know" hear anything? We are (only a couple days) beyond the latest shipping window, but this armor wasn't the only thing in that window.
  3. I missed the initial offering on these, then decided I wanted one and ordered from a place that fell apart THE DAY I ordered but was lucky enough to get my money back, then I got the email from ANOVOS as I put myself on the interest list forever ago when people were dropping out. I'm really hoping I get one of these and my TLJ helmet. Im trying not to get too excited in case I end up on the next run which is a year out.
  4. Anovos is not taking orders, but I see more than a handful of people have cancelled after waiting so long. I figured I'd get on the interest list and perhaps when they start shipping I can get in on one. I thought they had shipped and almost lost some money on ebay, but got that back, only to try and get one from KB and now get that money back. There are worse problems to have in life, but I want to be a FO trooper. Or 25 again.....
  5. Sad that my first post is for this. I found KB through here and placed an order, thankfully using my PP CC last week. Just filed my first ever claim to get refunded. I feel badly for the guy, but its a lot of money and one can't just "let it go". Guess I'll see how my Anovos "interest list" pans out. Good luck to everyone.
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