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  1. I was being a bit facetious as my patience is running out. I pre-ordered under the intial price of 250 and had a $25 credit, so no way I'm paying 350+. I haven't lost that much patience,but still..........
  2. Less than 2 weeks before Anovos misses another date. gonna have to go to DW if I want one I guess....
  3. I got that email for the second time,even though I pre-ordered them before the emails, and haven't received a reply about my actual orders......
  4. I emailed Anovos to ask about those of us that Pre-Ordered from them and have gotten no response. Anyone order direct and actually get it yet?
  5. I just clicked the link for s&gs and it is now sold out on BBTS. Why oh why did I pre order from Anovos. (because I had a $25 credit and it was priced at 250 so I guess the low price = you get it when you get it..)
  6. I have assumed I just lost the 1100 I paid for the kit and helmet. A recent brush with mortality made me say oh well. I hope I get my stuff, but I ain't holding my breath, or letting it ruin my fun. Maybe I should finish My OT kit...............
  7. I would be curious to see how the FO armor costumes at Disneyland/world are constructed. They looked incredible to me while they were marching around but I didn't look THAT close. They must be built (at least a little) for comfort and durability , being as the weather can be extreme (mostly hot) and they are getting daily repetitive use. Or maybe they are made as cheaply as possible and just chucked out when they start cracking at the yoke.
  8. I'm confused on what I'm getting. for $600 you get the whole armor? so gaskets, velcro,screws and snaps are the other $250? Hopefully all those that paid for full sets will get them before they start parting them out. I'm thinking that its a high margin product once the bucks are paid for so perhaps they are just digging out of the hole they seem to be in? Anyway, I prefer the TLJ helmet and have one on order so I for one am relieved its a TLJ codpiece.
  9. Those instructions seem pretty good as far as instructions go. Beyond that, the gaskets on the model at the end look better to me than the ones that were shown in the newsletter teasing imminent release.
  10. So the boxes are resin rather than ABS? are those joins also seamless? Also not sure I would trust,say, an E600(0) glue to hold the resin which must be heavier than an ABS counterpart. Are they glossy white resin? so many questions! I want my BBB! -kicks dirt- And my questions were answered by getting past page 2. oops.
  11. I am hoping the gaskets were delayed because they don't look so great in the pics, all baggy and not very "gaskety" like a neck seal, and that they are fixing them. Gaskets are available elsewhere by folks with good product and reputation. Hope their sewing fingers are ready!
  12. I jumped on the FOTK kit within minutes of receiving the "exclusive" offer to get a kit due to cancellations. Still hoping I get one of the kits being trimmed and not bumped to the next run scheduled for next winter. That being said, no word on my TLJ helmet now 2 weeks past shipping window AND I really need to build my OT kit and helmet I got from Anovos a year ago , so waiting a bit more is ok with me. Just wish they were more communicative and just gave us the hard truth as in "we promised we'd trim them and we have a team of 2 trimming 600 kits, should be done Winter of 2020".....or whatev
  13. In a post I read on FB a recipient stated that they were asked if they wanted to wait for the gaskets and helmet (as they are not ready) or if they wanted the armor now, separately. So it would seem an email went out.
  14. Wow, did they come trimmed? Did you get an email saying it was on the way or did it just show up?
  15. Hopefully Anovos will get these shipped out hastily. I'm excited and I don't even know if I'll be included in this run!
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