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  1. I’m assuming the sith trooper shown here (as well as the others) is anovos?
  2. Haha ya. That ABS with the back side of the armor for the lines filled better be sturdy enough to endure a good cleaning over and over. And expect much more frequent repainting. I mean, the photoshopper has proposed at least 16 years for Anovos to address those types of issues if they actually go through with it, and I quote “if we’re lucky” LOL ....And speaking of painting, I always found it silly that Anovos couldn’t just mold everything in black to make it easier for us to paint. It would have saved them much more time and resources.....
  3. LOL they can call it whatever they want at this point, but that red paint will fade hard hahaha. Plus it will still be virtually impossible to fully clean out all of that gunk that will get stuck between the molded lines that are decorated around that armor even after light trooping in it. Maybe someone can make hard wavy sponges with ridges molded specifically to fit between those decorative line molds and sell them to us (We’re all looking at you Tony :), just send us a complimentary water bottle for the soap, water is scarce for us cali’s). Don’t know if clay bar would help..... Calling it a First Order Magma Trooper would have been much better. Also, a gravely missed opportunity for making some sort of First Order Death Trooper or Biker Scout instead if you ask me.....
  4. HAHAHAHAHA. Nice photoshopping. Now all it needs is to be placed in one of anovos’ spam emails with 10 different emoji’s in the subject text. I know the design is real according to the upcoming 3rd part of the mouse’s line of *alleged* “star wars” movies, but honestly the design looks like something that was from deviantart and other similar imagehosting sites with fanart and disgusting blogs (you know what they are). I look forward to more Classic TK’s joining our ranks in the future. #GalacticEmpire4Life
  5. lol yet their spam sales they keep sending with the stupid emoji’s are working just fine
  6. Does anybody here or know anybody that may have any inside scoop as to why Anovos has not been responding to emails at all?
  7. Also if anyone on this website has a spare tfa first order stormtrooper kit/costume (maker does not matter at this point), please PM me asap. I will buy it.
  8. Hopefully in the lawsuit the person should also mention that Anovos’ Fraud is also clearly evident in how they are making tlj instead of the tfa armor that they were supposed to give us on top of the delays. This is blatant fraud and lying on their part because they technically never and will never fulfill the tfa armor that was ordered. I ordered tfa armor, and now anovos is going to not even going to make it and instead make me wait for a tlj armor that I did not order. As everyone has pointed out already, tfa and tlj are virtually completely different molds, build, appearance, etc from top to bottom, they are different everywhere at a glance. And where’s the inner chest/back piece that is not supposed to be fused with the outer chest? You’re better off replacing the entire top. And rework is worst than building from scratch. That was supposed to be completely separate from the outer, but now it’s one piece. And they mutilated the joining between the front and back torso, which was not advertised in their preorder and did not exist in the alpha/beta kits. I really hope that Roger Dalton and his lawyers are reading this forum as well. Anovos better start pulling out their old alpha/beta molds, start cranking out the tfa armor they promised from the beginning, and send each tfa kit out everytime 1 is done like ALL the other vendors that make star wars armor now without delay. If not, this fraud they are blatantly committing is going to hold true.
  9. I doubt anovos will even show up to court. They’ll make every excuse to delay their own trial as well. I mean, they can’t even answer emails now. At best they might write a delayed letter to court and make ambiguous counterarguments using whatever they posted on their site or bribe the mouse.
  10. 25 days now and still no simple email response from them. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? They don’t even respond to emails now.
  11. I tried emailing them 20 days ago asking for a status with the holdup and they still haven’t replied with that either. They’re apparently also ignoring emails as well.
  12. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope it doesn’t get stuck on an invisible ship for 2+ years and counting
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