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  1. Intrepid 3/11/23 & Chocolate expo at Hofstra 3/12/23
  2. Thank you everyone.. I know it will be a bigger challenge than basic.. There are people here to help which will be greatly appreciated. Going from a Tusken to TK was a journey. Hope to join the ranks of centurion/ EIB soon.
  3. It's been a few years trying to get my ANH stunt approved. Finally last week , through blood,sweat and tears it was approved! Looking to possibly move to centurion level as I am 3/4 there. Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone Newbie to the TK world! I was recently approved with my TK. Is there any thread or template on how to make these proper trimming for arms and legs? I got the plastic bite/cuts on my skin. See pic's below. I know this is easier for trooping and to avoid those cuts Also, cannot upload my back armor photo. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi there. Need assistance! Not sure if this is the right section for posting. I am looking for a good solution to mount the icomm and other UKSWraith electronics. For the icomm, I used velcro to mount to the side bucket For the other (SHA, and voice) electronics, can be mounted with painters tape, masking? Thanks in advance. Any pics as I am better at visual.
  6. Hi there. I agree with the others. Just to give my 2 cents. The armor is made from fiberglass and needs work to meet the requirements. I learned that when I was a noob.
  7. Hi there. I know thus is an old thread. This person goes by another name as well and located in texas. His stormtrooper armor is made from fiberglass. Anyone else wants to chime.
  8. A liilte late on the reply..Ordered the whole centurion set and communication was great!!


    Thanks again.

  9. Best idea yet!! 


    Arrived as described. Thank you.

  10. Agree.. Trooper bay. I believe any template needed.
  11. Hi. I just came across TK Armour. They have the have the 501st Legion banner. Is that something to look into.
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