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  1. I used the original Anovos limp belt for my HWT. The weight of the ammo pouches don't pull down on the belt like a holster with E-11. I removed the holster (re-used it on my Imperial Navy Trooper) and removed the drop boxes. The Kittle belt which is much more solid works great when holstering the E-11 on your TK without being pulled down
  2. Too bad. I was going over some CRLs and they mention Hyperfirm by name so at one point they must have been the standard by which all others were measured
  3. GML gave me the verbal OK. I'm in the club! ** UPDATE ** Got the official approval email. I am now one of 113 HWTs as of today per my GML, an most likely the first in my garrison
  4. So your speaker is actually in the ab and not the chest? How high volume do you set yours? I always seem to get feedback on mine if I'm about 3/4 volume. I wonder if moving it to the ab will reduce feedback
  5. I was busy delivering Valentine gifts for civilians who requested TKs through the Great Lakes Garrison website
  6. Got the wave 1 Anovos suit a couple years ago. Finally got approved September 2017! I'm going to get a second belt to switch between TK and HWT. I was already 501st with an Imperial Staff Officer costume and did a few unofficial troops in my TK. It is so much fun. I wish I had finished sooner as I lost a year.
  7. I never thought about putting snaps through the holster holes. I will have to explore that option. I already figured out on paper how to do snaps on the drop boxes. Just haven’t gotten up the nerve to cut the straps!
  8. I am converting my approved TK into an HWT. I want to be able to make my holster and drop boxes swapable between TK and HWT. i also found during my troops that carrying a DLT 19 can get heavy
  9. Some use a snap. Many of us have a bag full of extra snaps. I have near 40.
  10. Just added TK to my profile. Requesting TK access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24961
  11. Did you upgrade your belt? How did you attach the waist pouches to the belt?
  12. Requesting access ID 76239 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24961
  13. I used masking tape across the top of the thighs and bottom of the shins. Then I marked points at the distance I wanted to cut off (in my case i wanted to remove 1 inch) and connected the dots. This should form a line parallel to the existing edges. Used a dremel to cut it off
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