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  1. I was there as well with the GGG, and I am wondering if there is a final count/list of names of people who were there. I think it would be fun to do a commemorative patch or something like that.
  2. Got my money back from HyperFirm through PayPal a couple days ago. Just thought I'd let people know PayPal will find in your favor if you open a dispute with HFx.
  3. TK-76254 Requesting Stormtrooper http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27742&costumeID=124
  4. In the past I've bought several weapons from Hyperfirm with no problems, and I had been very happy with their communication, speed, and quality. However, I ordered a blaster from them on September 5th. They said that it would be shipping in 10-14 days. Since then, they've been completely unresponsive and have yet to deliver anything. I've messaged them on Facebook, as well as contacted both the email addresses associated with Hyperfirm (the only two as far as I know). Today I emailed them threatening to open a PayPal dispute if they don't at least give me an update on the blaster as it's been well over a month since I ordered it with zero communication. I started this thread so that others might think twice before potentially wasting their time and money. I'll update it if they respond. Please also let me know if you've had any bad experiences, or if you've managed to successfully contact them in the last month.
  5. Also following. I'm gonna give these settings a try soon, as I want to be able to be pretty loud without having any feedback.
  6. I was more imagining gutting the earmuffs so you just end up with the mics, speakers, and battery. I might try it one day if I get an extra pair.
  7. Has anyone tried active hearing protection equipment? I've used these Howard Leight earmuffs and they're good quality. Basically they're earmuffs and headphones combined, with a microphone on each ear. When they're off, they just block out sound, but when you turn them on, the mics send the audio to the headphone part. I think if you just somehow extended the mics to outside the helmet, they'd be perfect.
  8. Thanks guys! So I'm guessing I should rivet the plastic ammo belt to the canvas belt on the 3 divots in the plastic? Should it be centered over the black snaps? I remember people saying that the belt needs to be slightly off center from the ab plate, so it seems like now would be the time to take that into consideration. Also, it seems like I will need to buy more pop rivets if I'm to use them for the drop boxes.
  9. Hey everyone. First time builder, so I'm stumbling my way through this. I won't be documenting most of this because pretty much everything has been covered many, many times by more competent people (like Ukswrath and KMan). The exception is going to be the belt, because ANOVOS has started sending out belts unassembled. Ukswrath suggested I start this build thread so that we can discuss it fully, and hopefully we can help other people through this process. Anovos sends out kits with the following items for the belt: 1. A small bag containing some hardware: a. Six washers b. Three rivets c. Three white plastic button covers 2. A canvas belt with two black female snaps 3. Two elastic straps for mounting the drop boxes 4. Two unassembled drop boxes 5. A plastic ammo belt 6. The leather holster There's also the Thermal Detonator, but that's unchanged from previous iterations, so I won't cover it.
  10. Thanks, Tony. Reposting these from the FB group for posterity:
  11. So I'm a bit confused because the new ANOVOS belts no longer come assembled. I'm not sure what fixtures to use to attache the plastic, what measurements to use where, etc. Is there a guide starting with what ANOVOS now supplies? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Is it recommended to remove the return edge on the wrist just for comfort/fitting purposes? I'm not aiming for centurion (yet), but it does seem like it would fit better without it.
  13. Hey everyone. I just started trying to fit my armor, starting with the left forearm, and I'm a bit confused. The top and bottom are uncomfortably tight due to the return edge, but the middle is incredibly wide compared to my forearm. Should I be cutting off more of the return edge? Should I remove all of it at the wrist? I'm afraid to cut off material because I can't put it back.
  14. Hello, first post here. I ordered my DoopyDoo's complete resin kit on September 8th, over 5 weeks ago. I got a confirmation email that day, and have not heard a peep from them since. I emailed them about it and got no response. Should I be worried, or is this normal? I've seen other people in the US say that it took 3-4 weeks to arrive after they placed the order, but I haven't even gotten a dispatch email. EDIT: They just sent me an email updating my order to "dispatched." It's like they read the forum or something.
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