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  1. Hello. Garry reporting in to the Star Garrison out of Houston/Corpus Christi, Texas. Looking forward to getting out for my first troop! TK-14430
  2. TK-14430 reporting for duty, and requesting 501st status change. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29698 Thanks!
  3. Thanks to all for the feedback!! And yes, I had Centurion in the back of my mind all the way thru my build. I'll be looking to move up so your suggestions will help me out for sure. And good news - took less than two days for approval! TK-14430 reporting for duty! Looking forward to my first troop and fine tuning my build. Thanks again.
  4. Submitted my application and sent my photos in for approvals. Only took me two years but feels good to get to this stage in the process. Really looking forward to my first troop! Also submitted to photos on the Request TK Pre-Approval in the hopes that I may go for higher levels of approval. - Garry
  5. Hello. Not sure what's going on. Those are the Direct Links to my photos. Let me see what I can do and edit the post. Stay tuned... -Garry
  6. Looking forward to your feedback. After two years, finally submitted for Basic approval. 1. Name: Garry Garfield 2. Future Garrison: Star Garrison 3. Armor Maker: Anovos 4. Helmet Maker: Anovos 5. Cloth Belt Maker: Anovos 6. Neck Seal Maker: Anovos 7. Boot Maker: Imperial Boots 9. Blaster Maker: Praetorian Blasters 11. Height: 6’2" 12. Weight: 190 lbs 13. TK type: ANH Stunt Thanks!
  7. A few days before Christmas, my blaster arrived from Praetorian and it looks and feels fantastic! Submission photos coming!!
  8. Good news - got all my money refunded thru PayPal for my Hyperfirm order. More good news - just ordered my E-11 thru Praetorian Blasters. Anyone have experiences with Praetorian blasters products and/or shipping?
  9. Hi! To answer your question, no, the inside of my mic tips are not white. But I will most certainly be looking into making them white. Thanks!
  10. Yup. Had to fill a claim with PayPal.
  11. Hello! Glad you've taken a look at my thread. I started almost two years ago and I'm getting so close to finishing up and doing my first troop. I've been to two armor parties and both were extremely helpful - one in Corpus Christi and one in Spring. I travel a lot between Tomball and Corpus Christi. Are you on the FISD Facebook page? There is a lot of good information posted, and there are updates on armor parties in your area.
  12. Ordered my blaster from Hyperfirm about a month ago. Still no word on when it will ship. Any experience with delivery times from Hyperfirm?
  13. Have spent some time working on my helmet. Pulled most everything out of the inside. Cleaned up the eye sockets and removed the paint from the frown: Repainted the frown: Made and attached anchors for screws for new lenses: Cut out and installed new lenses (being sure to leave a slight gap for air flow and fogging issues I've read about): New padding: Trimmed up and installed mesh behind the frown: Installed new mic tips: Helmet done!
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