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  1. The more I read and soak in info about the ROTJ TK, the more I want one...
  2. My thoughts exactly. It costs almost as much as an armor kit with the electronics installed!
  3. So, I was shopping for a lightsaber for a build i'm planning when I came across the e-12 blaster rifle on Saberforge... https://saberforge.com/collections/blasters/products/blaster How accurate is this in terms of what we use here in the FISD? Could someone clear approval with this? Is it completely out of the question for EIB and above or does it depend on the GML?
  4. Thanks, Tony. This is usually more of a Jolly Rogers Squadron kind of thing, am I correct?
  5. How can I get in contact with Walt? Is he on FISD?
  6. Hello, does anyone know who makes Inferno Squad Armor kits? Thanks.
  7. Thank you, everyone! I will take a look at all of these options. That Praetorian looks so good...
  8. What are the options for me in terms of acquiring an E-11 to go with my suit? I know there are resin kits and foamies, but what do you veterans use? What holds up and looks good? Give me your two cents, everyone.
  9. Thank you all. Ugh, I just want my BBB already!!!
  10. I'll just wait until I have enough for a full kit from AM. Not worth the trouble and worry.
  11. Thank you guys, knew it smelled like Bantha Poodoo.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Stormtrooper-AM-2-0-Armor-Kit-Helmet-Included-More-See-Details/192841539361?hash=item2ce6405f21:g:EKEAAOSwUnJcbfl9 What do you think, troopers? Should I pull the trigger?
  13. Thanks, guys. I think i'll keep my TK nice and polished until it develops some nice wear and then I'll make it a HWT or a sandy . . . our brothers over at the MEPD look mighty nice.
  14. You see, I think a bit too much. Would a slightly weathered TK gain clearance? Are there any canon examples of TKs that have been slightly weathered, as if they've seen a bit of combat? I'm thinking less HWT and more of just a particularly worn TK.
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