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  1. Thank you, everyone! I will take a look at all of these options. That Praetorian looks so good...
  2. What are the options for me in terms of acquiring an E-11 to go with my suit? I know there are resin kits and foamies, but what do you veterans use? What holds up and looks good? Give me your two cents, everyone.
  3. Thank you all. Ugh, I just want my BBB already!!!
  4. I'll just wait until I have enough for a full kit from AM. Not worth the trouble and worry.
  5. Thank you guys, knew it smelled like Bantha Poodoo.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Stormtrooper-AM-2-0-Armor-Kit-Helmet-Included-More-See-Details/192841539361?hash=item2ce6405f21:g:EKEAAOSwUnJcbfl9 What do you think, troopers? Should I pull the trigger?
  7. Thanks, guys. I think i'll keep my TK nice and polished until it develops some nice wear and then I'll make it a HWT or a sandy . . . our brothers over at the MEPD look mighty nice.
  8. You see, I think a bit too much. Would a slightly weathered TK gain clearance? Are there any canon examples of TKs that have been slightly weathered, as if they've seen a bit of combat? I'm thinking less HWT and more of just a particularly worn TK.
  9. Thanks, everyone. I'll get a pile of both kinds suggested because I definitely have a list of costumes I wanna blow all my money on.
  10. Hello all, I'm gathering supplies for my first build so I can start immediately on the kit when I get it. My question was, where would you veteran builders out there suggest I source my snaps from? I'm not sure if anything I'm looking at is genuine or garbage.
  11. Wow! How am I just seeing this now? Definitely makes me want a ROTJ...that weathering is gorgeous!
  12. Good, good. AM makes a good kit from what I've seen, and I'm excited to start! I've been reading threads for so long, I'm dying to post my own.
  13. I am 5' 10", as stated before, and weigh 240 pounds.
  14. After some looking around and some email conversations with some vetted armor vendors, I have narrowed my choices down according to price. However, there's a problem; I weigh a lot more than the men the armor was originally designed for! I'm a former swimmer and am quite muscular, as well as only 5' 10''. My chest, thighs, and waist are enormous and I don't think I'll really fit anything without a mean shimming job. Are there kits out there for people like me, or is there some creative shim work in my future? I have head that AM and RT-MOD are good for larger people.
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