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  1. I ordered me the Stormtrooper kit from Anovos back in August of 2016. And after several emails of them delaying my order, Anovos finally sent me an email saying they are ready to deliver. Right now, I don't know what is more exciting. Me becoming a Stormtrooper or The Last Jedi coming out next week.
  2. People, I ordered myself a fine looking TK from Anovos back in August of 2016. They told me it would be delivered early 2017. They then pushed the delivery date to Spring 2017. And then early Fall 2017 before September 21st. Today my friends, I check my email and they sent me this: "During production of these kits this season, our quality control team discovered consistency errors in the armor pieces. In this case, they tracked down the issue to the way in which the plastic was being pulled and the inconsistencies have been remedied. However, these quality control issues were enough to extend production for the remaining orders from this segment through the end of September. After production is complete they will ship from our manufacturer to our fulfillment center and we anticipate this to occur during early Fall. Thus, we must update our delivery estimate to Fall 2017." The dates they gave me for delivery are between September 22nd and December 21st.
  3. Thanks for the info. This actually gives me an estimate of when it will actually arrive.<br><br> And as for my views on Anovos, 'This is NOT pod racing'.
  4. Hey there folks. <br><br> I ordered me a fine Stormtrooper uniform from Anovos back in August and they have yet to deliver it to my door. We are now coming up to the end of May. That's 9 months. At first, they told me it would be delivered in the 1st quarter of 2017. Then, they sent me an email saying it will be in the 2nd quarter of 2017. <br><br> Is this normal for Anovos to take their time on delivering their stuff? <br><br> So people who've ordered from Anovos, please help me see the light at the end of the sarlacc pit so I'm not looking at my emails every 4 minutes waiting for that tracking number.<br><br> If we loose another Death Star because Anovos failed to deliver me my uniform, it's not my fault.
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