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  1. Although not a requirement listed or stated in the crl my personal opinion is with the legacy the curves on the returns help with the overall look although in the lower shins you can work them back to as little as 3mm and still retain the curve and look Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What your suggesting is what a normal TK runs with, with regards to the legacy there are returns although the requirement is not clearly listed in the crl its these little differences that make the legacy stand out In my opinion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Lucy, yes there is a return on the base of the bicep although you can make it small This is how the biceps were after rough trimming, will take a pic of the finished part later showing how they finished up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Lucy nice to see another Legacy build. Looks like you have been doing your research but just in case I would suggest having a look at this build thread as well https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44182-legacy-fem-trooper-version-a-tj_fem-wip/ you've been quite conservative with your cut lines but the first ones are always the most nervous , As Daniel has suggested the shoulder bells could be trimmed up more and I have added some pics below for you to review. In the above link there is some good pics on trimming the Abb plate as well, The Forearms mentioned well the legacy is unique the standard TK does clear out most of the return edges but for the legacy it still shows the curve of the return, but this can looked at when your there. Since helping my wife clear her costume I have helped a few other legacy's on there journey, so will happily chime in and try to answer any questions you have along the way And good luck
  5. With the build and modifications now all done, and TJ_fem trooping hard for the UKG thought I would post up pictures of all the parts in there finished state. I will try and develop a contents tab with links over time just to make navigating the thread easier. For Anyone making the Legacy Era trooper past or present please feel free to drop me a p.m. or post if you have any questions or looking for advice will always try and help out if i can. Thanks for looking Martyn AKA TK42413
  6. 5. Electronics went old school for voice changer and got a Rom fx (bit more flexibility in changing voice), and packaged this in a old trading card box containing the battery as well then paired this up with a slimline aker speaker. for placement within the chest cavity have added two pieces of elastic and E6000 in place finished set can be run using wired or bluetooth mic rig
  7. 4. Finally fitted fan system in lid, purchased a second kit for the fans which consisted of micro fans and digital variable speed, which gave better options for positioning in the helmet. with the fans in the front and the switch control at the rear it allowed us to place the usb power bank at the front of the helmet also
  8. 3. with having slim arms we have added foam padding in the forearms stopping them moving around and removing pinching issues at the top of the forearm in the elbow ditch when carrying a DLT for a significant amount of time
  9. 2. with regards to the chest to back plate side closure using the original concept of having the elastic snap fitting onto both armor parts we found the front snap was catching on the raised side indent of the kidney plate and causing movement issues and occasionally trapping the chest plate in misalignment,. So have removed the snap plates on the chest plate and directly E6000 the elastic in place keeping the snap fit on the back plate this has helped with kitting up also
  10. 1. Right just documenting some of the upgrades done over the last few weeks, With the thigh's we was getting a bit of slide and found the easiest solutions was to upgrade the belt being used for something more sturdier. So went from 25 mm webbing up to 40 mm webbing and this has fixed this first issue.
  11. Hi Beth, if you want the extra height version A is the way to go and there is a solid source for the boots out there now (Tracey loves her’s). Like it’s been pointed out please have a look at the build thread I’m still updating the photos and we’ve learnt a lot along the way , By all means drop us a message if you have any extra questions and we will try answer all. Will keep a eye out for your build thread.. good luck and welcome to the madness Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. UPgrades !!! 3 weeks of trooping and Tracey (TK13570) seems to have worked out most of the kinks will now be going through some adjustments and upgrades will list them out and work through accordingly stops me forgetting 1. wider elastic for better support on thighs going from 2" to 3 " now 2. removing snaps from one side on chest/back plates and attaching elastic straight to one side 3. adding padding to inside of forearms/vamp braces (better stability less rub when carrying dlt 19) 4. new fan system to fit for helmet, micro fans going in running variable speeds using digital control box 5. fitment of speaker and rom set up will picture up and document each change as I get it done
  13. well this all happened pretty quick in the end, Tracey's now cleared and done her first troop with the UK garrison at the UK's national space center. Even helped out Warwick Davis at one point will take the time over the next fews day to update all the pics on the thread so they work and make sure i haven't missed any parts of the build. might even try and and add a table of contents at the start. will get her to sign in and introduce herself properly now and start a troop diary but prior to that here a quick few pics TK13570 signing in with a bang instagram tj_fem
  14. Ok I have mentioned we have done quite a few test fits along the way with this build but have tried to keep the emphasis of the individual parts. but we are now near enough complete so here we go with full test fit photos. thanks for any feedback given
  15. Ok back to the thighs which were bothering me the most. after numerous test fits have decided on this positioning detailed in the photos below, with the inner side of the thigh sitting slightly deeper than the outer I have off set for this so all the covers for the elastic that clip's to the knee caps look level when viewed from straight on. again these slots were started off using a slitting wheel on a dremel then finished by hand with needle files . Once done the elastic was checked in position with the knee cap and glued in place, the covers were added (heavy on the E6000 then clean up after) used the E6000 to compensate for the curve of the thigh
  16. Switch/button plate was trimmed down and positioned centrally then glued in place once set in position TD was removed and the end caps trimmed up and fitted very tight fit on tube have left that as is and not applied any additional glue. then finished up with a paint job using the same grey as used on the helmet.
  17. I’ve always emailed directly normally had a response back in a few days, I think he’s more active on insta than Facebook just another option Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. HI Paul has this been cleared up now with regards to crl ?? Thanks Legacy Era * Boots - make it simpler for L1 approval
  19. TD time, for this I have drilled two 8 mm holes 40mm either side of the center of the TD then I removed the prongs from two M6 T nuts and E6000 them in place from the inside of the TD tube with this done I moved onto back plate placement, having marked where the top of the belt sits from a previous test fit I then marked 25 mm up from that point (in line with CRL statement ) then a further 30 mm up for a center of tube line. Then laid out the clearance holes for the TD on the same 80 mm pitch as the TD itself with these clearance holes drilled, I added two reinforcement pieces also cut two foam washers to go between the TD and the Back plate then test fitted the TD
  20. Ok last pieces of the puzzle are starting to arrive Neck seal , gloves and fans for lid with the gloves again a little tip of the hat to the standard TK black rubber gloves with latex/rubber hand guards (hand guards are same design as hard ones provided with kit) removed the hand guards and then reattached with Velcro. Makes life a lot easier with the forearms as have gone for a narrow closure around the wrist. As this is a version A Fem, ordered boots from IB
  21. Like orangebird said it should all be in the kit provided by Kev for both versions, like you already probably seen the only real difference's between A and B are the back plate, you dont have to paint the TD on version B and the boots. At this time i also only know of Gio doing the version B boots, imperial boots have started doing version A (which wife my got last week , very happy with ) not sure if they will do version B also yet. so the boots might be your biggest sourcing issue. my wip for her build is moving along, ton of catch up to do but any questions just let me know
  22. Two pic's just showing test fit of belt and boxes again final clean up filing of box and trimming of elastic still needs to be done
  23. Main Belt boxes rough trimmed from BBB day rough trimmed out the opening on the front cover. kept the trimming rough at this point to keep the box more stable for gluing together then E6000 the two pieces together was able to keep most sides in good contact with magnets. whilst that is going off, worked on the lid initially l cut 3 strips out and glued in place to reinforce the back of the lid then cut one more piece and laid out for the hinge and filed in a slot the equivalent depth of the hinge plate the glued that piece in position as well again as there is no set in stone way for securing the boxes to the belt have tried something different but this way in the end has allowed the top on the main box to always sit flush and in line with the other small ammo boxes giving a clean look in line with the statue. i am going to use 2 inch elastic which is glued to the top of the box over the hinge with a support piece of abs which is also riveted through the center hole of the hinge and either side. with velcro attached to the box and the elastic for securing in place elastic will need a bit of a trim
  24. Gradually working my way round fitting all the small ammo box covers keeping them as centrally aligned as possible (fixed in position with E6000) held in place with good old masking tape boxes now all in position and I am going to add a snap for closure of the belt
  25. took quite a few go's working out the best spacing and finally settled on 30 mm between boxes 6 at the front offset from center line and 5 at the rear middle box centered on line so here's were i have tried something different i am using a length of 40mm webbing inside the belt will attach a snap as a fixing for closure when done. so now positioning the securing blocks 1 by 1 and drilling through for a 4 mm clearance hole once that was completed removed all the tape and cleaned up the holes then went though the process of screwing the attachment blocks, fortunately the webbing is giving something for the nuts to bit down on first stage of the belt completed
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