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  1. Hey everyone, This build thread is a long time coming. I have a KB Props FOTK (TLJ) kit and am building as an Executioner. Armor/Helmet - KB Props Gaskets/Harness/Shorts - Geeky Pink's Phantastic Gaskets (My amazing garrison-mate Teresa) Boots - Imperial Boots Laser Ax - 3D printed parts courtesy of the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) SE-44C - TBD (likely 3D printed by another member of the Badlands Garrison) This is my first full foray into building a costume. My ANH TK was a commission that I did a little work on the achieve EIB. Pictures of build progress too follow...
  2. Hi Mario, Thanks for the feedback. I took care of that white on those snaps/rivet. I also attached a bunch more photos. So many to keep track of. !
  3. Hi, I would like to submit my ANH Stunt TK for EIB status. My name is Robyn Morin and I am a member of the Badlands Garrison. Mandatory Information Armor = RS Prop Masters Helmet= RS Prop Masters Blaster= RS Prop Masters Optional Information Height = 5 ft 9 inches Weight = 185 lb Boots = Imperial Boots (Procured through RS Prop Masters) Canvas belt = RS Prop Masters Hand Plates = Latex RS Prop Masters Electronics= None (Troopacoola fans) Neck Seal = RS Prop Masters Holster = RS Prop Masters
  4. That's great! Thanks for the information. This seems like the best option for airflow, so I was hoping it was what was done. Just curious, where was this helmet up for auction? Is this something that happens regularly with screen used assets?
  5. Hi everyone. I am in the process of working on my KB helmet, cleaning out some of the debris from the cast in the tube stripe slots, and I am wondering what the rule is on actually cutting out the slots straight through. The wording on the CRL is 'cut out', but I am not sure if it's cut out completely or just recessed. I have seen at least one build thread on here that looks to have been cut out completely, but most of the references images seem to look like it isn't cut all the way through or it's inconclusive.
  6. Thanks. Appreciate the info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello fellow troopers, I am in the early stages of sourcing materials for a FO Stormtrooper Executioner. Does anyone have recommendations on where to procure the FO decals for the shoulder bells?
  8. Hi everyone, I am pretty sure that the first build I am going to attempt myself is going to be TLJ Executioner. I have priced both the KB and Jimmiroquai kits but I have not yet decided which one to go with. I really like the look and detail of Jim's flexible fiberglass kit that I have seen in the various build threads here, but I don't really have any practical reason to prefer it over the ABS kit that KB offers. I recall seeing somewhere that the flexible fiberglass kit allows for the single piece chest/yoke which is more screen accurate versus the ABS kit which requires them to be separate. Given that this will be my first attempt at putting something like this together I would gladly accept take any advice on which material might be more suited a first timer. I am not afraid of a little effort though, and if one is markedly better than the other I am not unwilling to invest the effort. Thanks! Robyn
  9. I've procured some 1/2 inch thick vinyl foam with the adhesive back in order to get a more secure fit on my thigh/bicep armor for my Stunt TK. Does anyone have any advice with respect to the best way to secure it inside the various pieces to get the best results?
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