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  1. Congratulations Fernando!!! Very good job!!!
  2. Great job!!! Good luck with the application and making those modifications you'll surely get it.
  3. Thank you very much partners!!! Muchas gracias compañeros!!!
  4. Great job Bro!!! Goodluck with your application!!!
  5. Thank you very much I am very happy to get the IE in my second suit, thank you for your time and help to achieve this achievement.Thank you very much for all the comments and recommendations so that my AFP armor gets the centurion level.From today I start working on it. Best regards.
  6. Good day!!! Publish photos you requested, thank!!! Best regards
  7. Good Day!! This armour was made by the Armour Factory guys. You can see all their products in www.armour-factory.com
  8. Name: Luis Sedeño Galán 501st Id: TK-31513 FISD Forum Name: Rietzer Garrison: Spanish Garrison 501st STATUS: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23149 Mandatory Information Armor: Armour Factory Props Helmet: Armour Factory Props Blaster: E-11 Armour Factory Props Optional Height: 1.85 cm Weight: 85 kg Boots: Armour Factory Props Canvas Belt: Armour Factory Props Hand Plates: Armour Factory Props Neck Seal: Armour Factory Props Holster Maker: Armour Factory Props Best regard
  9. Good job Bro!!! Come on, soon you will have the expert. A greeting!!! Buen trabajo Bro!!! Vamos, pronto te tendrás el experto. Un abrazo!!!
  10. Great job Bro, let's go for the expert!!! Vamos Bro!!!
  11. Hi Juan<br> You've done a great job.<br> It's a beautiful armor and you look great.<br> Good luck<br> Un abrazo Bro y lo dicho mucha suerte.
  12. Congratulations Dani!!! , great job!!! Un abrazo!!!
  13. Congratulations Fran !!! great job Now for centurion status Un abrazo Bro!!!
  14. Hi Andrew I am very happy , thanks for all Now for the centurion application Best regards