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  1. ‐---- peers in ------- Hey buddy!!! If you build it... they will come... Muah haa haaa
  2. Thanks guys... I miss trooping, trying to figure out ways to do things. Doc has me on new medication so hopefully it helps with movement etc.
  3. Miss you guys.. things have been tough for me lately.. I was diagnosed in Jan 2020 with Young Onset Parkinson's so I have a new challenge in my life. I hope to get out trooping once Covid is more manageable, but things have been tough in Canada lately. Keep well all!!
  4. During this scary time.. I had to get the ol' gear out and test it after some major repairs due to cracks and such... Was out entertaining the building while many are in lock down due to COVID-19. Stay safe all!!
  5. TK 70926 Troop Log 50 here for me.. Hope to get the TK going again soon
  6. Lots to catch up on here.. 2016 (10) 2016-09-03 - TK - Fan Expo Canada 2016-09-04 - TK - Fan Expo Canada 2016-09-23 - TK - Paul Coffey Arena renaming 2016-10-15 - TK - Georgetown SW Reads Day 2016-10-31 - TK - Halloween Trick-or-Treat 2016-12-03- TK - Mississauga Arc Con 2016-12-04 - TK - Brampton Beast Event 2016-12-10 - TK - Georgetown Food Drive 2016-12-17 - TK - Rogue One Event 2016-12-31 - TK - Rogue One Event 2017 (35) 2017-01-07 - TK - TML Alumni Game 2017-01-29 - TK - Collectors Expo 2017-01-31 - TK - Dreams Take Flight Game 2017-03-03 - TK - KOC - Knights of Columbus Event 2017-04-01 - TK - Relay For Life Support Event 2017-04-29 - TK - Milton Comic Con 2017-04-30 - TK - Toy Expo 2017-05-03 - TK - Dreams Take Flight Hanger Event 2017-05-03 - TK - McDonalds Lakeshore Event 2017-05-13 - TK - Relay for Life Support Event 2017-05-21 - TK - Orillia Comic Con 2017-05-26 - TK - Relay for Life Brampton Fairgrounds 2017-06-03 - TK - St. Edmund School Expo 2017-06-10 - TK - Franklin Horner Extravaganza 2017-06-17 - TK - Jace Wars 2017-06-24 - TK - Pride Toronto 2017-07-16 - TK - Toy Expo Hilton 2017-07-22 - TK - Elmvale Street Party 2017-08-13 - TK - Sarah Curia Picnic 2017-08-26 - TK - Waterloo Airport Fun Day 2017-09-02 - TK - Fan Expo 2017-09-03 - TK - Fan Expo 2017-09-09 - TK - Franklin Horner Comic Day 2017-09-30 - TK - Hamilton ComicCon 2017-10-01 - TK - Hamilton ComicCon 2017-10-21 - TK - Mississauga Comic Expo Library 2017-11-17 - TK - In Another Galaxy Event Rochester 2017-11-18 - TK - In Another Galaxy Event Rochester 2017-11-19 - TK - In Another Galaxy Event Rochester 2017-11-22 - TK - Make a Wish Xmas Event 2017-12-09 - TK - Georgetown Food Drive 2017-12-16 - TK - Santa's Chill Zone Hamilton 2017-12-16 - TK - Last Jedi Event Queensway 2017-12-17 - TK - Last Jedi Event Vaughan 2017-12-30 - TK - Last Jedi Event Oakville 2018 (5) 2018-05-02 - TK - Dreams take Flight Toronto 2018-05-25 - TK - Solo - Vaughan 2018-05-26 - TK - Solo - Queensway 2018-08-25 - TK - Waterloo Airport Fun Day 2018-09-08 - TK - Franklin Horner Com Center 2019 (0) After over 400 hours of trooping TK needed work - Trooped in TI for 2019 while repairing TK - Repaint Buttons - Repair Gloves for the 3rd time - Padding Repair - Cracks in Helmet, legs, repair - Fix Velcro in Calves - Boot Clean up 2020(0)
  7. Laughs and waves to everyone!! Too bad that many of the pictures were destroyed by the whole shake up with whatever free site it was we used previously.. but if anyone has any questions or such about the Journey.. feel free to post questions... the Journey is a crazy one.. lots of ups and downs.. trials and errors, struggles and successes... Luckily I had some good people to back me up and I'd be happy to share my experiences on it all ..
  8. Thanks guys!! I've always been around lurking in the shadows.. chuckles..
  9. It's been a long year and a bit. 2018 was rough, and then 2019 I was fighting health issues. It's been kinda crappy honestly.. I've managed to troop a little bit but not like I have in the past.. fingers crossed for 2020.. I completed a fun little build on a MSE Droid.. I'm working on a GONK Droid now.. truly a fun build.. still have my TK.. and my Tie Pilot.. Hoping 2020 is a better year.. Still around and checking in!!
  10. Hey Dan, We are connecting with him now.
  11. Prepping for Fan Expo.. only one day this week and will be Command duties not suiting up.. News on my gear.. Starting repairs.. Laugh.. I moved so I didn't have time to fix it all before. Let the legend continue!
  12. It will morph into more than a Saga.. it'll be LEGENDARY!!!! So LEGENDARY.. that I earned the nick name Twisted Sister breaking my ankle at Comic con!!!! oh.. psst.. and I'm a Command member now.. HAHAHAHHAAHA Awesome eh!??
  13. haha.. I have irons etc. Even have one of those magnifying solder setups I'll wait for the fans to die first.. hahahah.. I'm brutal like that.. besides.. I will need a set of Fans for my Tie Pilot. We gotta get together some day soon though! You are working all the time!! Laughs oh and ANSWER YOUR FACEBOOK!! LOL
  14. Alright - Good fun news stuff first - Wow.. I had a blast at the strong museum and was even in the papers... I was talking to a funny little Rey as the newspaper took the picture. Laughs.. Anyway, the Museum is an amazingly fun place to hang out for a weekend!! Loads of fun. I hope to visit this year. What else is new with me.. oh.. I'm a Command member for 2018 in the Canadian Garrison. That's exciting. I get to work with some amazing people and we're looking forward to having so much fun this year!!! What do you have on the go Brattie? Well I have completed a Tie Reserve, bridge Crewwoman, and am working on my MSE Droid and Tie Pilot armor as well. FUN FUN FUN!! - Bad / sad news - My TK armor It has taken a beating. I've worn it now for around 400 hours and it shows. I developed 3 cracks in my bucket on the lower opening that you stick your head into. I've put in a preventative drill hole to hopefully prevent the crack from spreading until I can put in some other structuring to support/fill the hole. Unfortunately I don't have ABS Paste and if you are new and building your TK, SAVE THE SCRAPS!!! MAKE ABS PASTE!!! My Fans.. laughs.. When I start them they go.. SSSCCKKKKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR then quiet down... Too much rain, water and sweat getting to them. Laughs. They are still working. After a scary moment with a friend in Vader I'm considering putting in a fuse on my fans as I'm running them off a USB Powerbank. His switch melted and his head started to smoke. Was an awesome effect for smoldering vader but the human inside wasn't too pleased. Anyway, he was alright, but it did raise a concern that perhaps we should all be putting in-line fuses into the Fan systems of our helmets. No one deserves a burn or such when doing awesome stuff for charities etc. Straps I have a few straps that are falling apart now too.. my right elastic strap between my forearm and bicep is shot. So all in all I have some repairs ahead of me. Well that's all from me!! You are all now.. Up to date.. Laugh ~Brattie out~
  15. Coins arrived today... awesomeness!!!!!

    Thank you

    1. TK4205


      Copy that, trooper. Glad you like them.



  16. Guess who's coming to the USA!!!????? That's right.. Brattie will be in the USA this weekend at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester!!!!! Whoohooo I can't wait!!!
  17. I was lucky enough to be part of the Escort for Paul Blake (Greedo) and Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) to their Photo shoot and Panel at Hamilton Comic Con 2017. I'm the TK on the Left side of this picture...
  18. yep, I'm in the groups and all that jazz, just too shy to post there much. Muah haa haa.. anyway.. working on so many things right now my brain hurts! Miss ya buddy! Have Hamilton Comic Con this weekend!!!
  19. Lots of trooping fun at Fan Expo Toronto 2017. That's me making the fist! We were just about to be inspected by Lord Vader. Oh.. did I mention I kissed R2-KT? Yep, the famous little droid was visiting us in Canada and I spent a load of time with the Handlers and chatting. I even escorted R2-KT for some TV news spots along with some of her friends. Was so awesome to see her and get to know those that look after the little droid. R3 was also with her and I was able to drive R3 around a bit. It was a blast. If you are wondering who that is kissing the wall in the background that's our current CO. Laughs. oh.. and this happened!! Yes.. that's C3PO... I'm making progress on the MSE Droid as well!! So yeah.. still motoring.. I'm approaching around 320 hours in my armor and have a few things to repair. Need to always watch the snaps and such, as well as wear around the rim of the bucket under the seal.. it can crack.. I have one small crack I need to repair there from taking the bucket on and off. Nothing spectacular, just some little minor maintenance. It was said when I first started that I'd get to around 400 hours and then would need to do a little work and so far it seems to be true. I do need to touch up my paint, but I do like being able to spot myself in a group of TKs because of my buttons! Laugh Well that's all from my little neck of the woods up North. My thoughts are with all those facing yet another hurricane and those that are dealing with the earthquake.. it seems like the end is near, but there is light ahead. (hopefully) Rebellions are built on Hope, but I'm not a rebel... I know, sometimes I say stuff in Alderaan places. ~Brattie.. out ~
  20. Enjoying the new site but have had issues with Photobucket so I'm not going back through the pages and updating every single picture.. so if anyone wants to see something please let me know and I'll repost it after this so you can see what I've done etc. Such a huge let down but a site.. alas.. I miss you all and am still trooping like crazy.. just passed 1 year and am almost at 50 troops.. whohooo.. some big ones coming up.
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