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  1. Yeah I feel a little bobblehead like with the hard hat liner, maybe I will get some padding and try it. I like to have options. Thanks guys Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah I'm torn on the hard hat liner. Guys have any good alternatives for padding. Seems like it would take a lot of padding to fill that bucket. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. For gaskets I suggest geeky pink. Fast turnaround and great quality. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Great thanks! I just wanted to make sure it looked about right
  5. I have KB props kit so it seems the neck is a little more open, so having the rear arm reach my armor it bends out a bit.. not a big deal I was just wanting to see if my placement was correct
  6. Where do you have the rear arm that wraps around the back of your neck stick to? Mine is think is to far back and makes the pauldron sit farther back
  7. O no I'm very happy with it! I was just curious, I'm assuming I could use vinyl paint, but just rubbing it down with armor all dash wipes made it look much nicer.
  8. Hey guys I was wondering what kind of paint to use on these.. I just got the regular black pauldron from Wyatt, but it's a very flat black and wanted to maybe hit it with a semi gloss or satin, but because it's a flexible vinyl material wasn't sure if regular rustoleum would work without cracking.
  9. I just noticed all the picture links aren't coming up anymore...someone please fix it haha
  10. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?/topic/35680-HOWTO:-Magnetic-Plug-and-Socket.-No-more-velcro.
  11. I had jims kit and sold it for KB props kit. The fiberglass kit is an easier build but it weighs a ton and the flexibility is nice sometimes but it's hard to find paint that won't crack. I had to repaint my kit after 2 months. So far in my KB props build its a lot more trimming and gluing which is a pain but with the abs it's still flexible but weighs hardly anything.
  12. Hammer and pin worked great once I realized I needed to have an extremely hard surface underneath. I use the flat section of my work bench vice
  13. You don't think that the TD is sticking out because of the butt plate being stuck under it?
  14. Sorry I just now saw your question. I bought from magnetport seller off ebay. They seem very strong but haven't done a lot with them but received 20 magnets for $15
  15. You might be able to get your hands in one. I bought this one for $10 from a guy on the RPF just start a thread asking for one if you want one
  16. I have been using the anovos tk neck seal and I love it. Matches the shiny gaskets perfect
  17. Well looks like I'm going to have to put on some extra weight. Got my shirts today by instead of 2 extra large I got 2 XXL.
  18. Well I'm still on your wife's list but still have a bit of a wait so I wanted to get something to get me through for now and have a set for when we do my wife's phasma
  19. Are you doing runs on your gaskets yet?! They are beautiful
  20. Got mine from Fnarmor.com and only took a couple weeks to get and for the price you can't beat them.
  21. From what I have seen and heard the rubber is more SA,but incredibly hot and do not breath what so ever were as the cloth are much more breathable and mobility is better, I have only had cloth and I plan on sticking with cloth
  22. Hey guys I was wondering if it's possible to get an anovos neck seal without buying their kit. Thanks
  23. I first did mine with the rustoleum 2x but now repainting with rustoleum universal. Color looks the same which is good and should be more flexible, because the 2x cracks everywhere
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