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  1. Back when I was building my TK and doing my Blaster build prior the release of Rogue One I converted an Airsoft for ANH approval but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart!;
  2. On a separate note from the Hex Nut and Bolt is the final Mounting Method the prop department resorted to for the Counter and Power Cylinders. After initially being Glued on and falling off during production the Counters and Power Cylinders were eventually mounted to the blasters with a wire simply wrapped around them. As you can see after initially being glued on and falling off while filming(especially the trash compactor scene) the Counters were finally mounted to the blaster with a wire wrapped around the base of the scope feet. The ‘Power Cylinders’ eventually utilized the same type of mounting method the prop department resorted to for the counters; A wire was wrapped over the ‘Power Cylinders’ and around the mag well of the Sterling Sub-Machine Gun. Here are several more photos of the Counters mounted with a wire wrapped around the base of the scope feet. some of these images almost look like it could possibly be a thin zip tie too. There was definitely some kind of Wires and Electrical Tape connected to the socket terminals on this Hengstler Counter, old news I know but 4K resolution gives us some new insight. This image also shows the Hex Nut just over Leia’s shoulder.
  3. Just as The5thHorseman and I posted about this here 5-6 years ago, the 4K version on Disney+ pretty much confirms the rear sight and pivot pin being removed and replaced with a Hex Nut and Bolt through the rear sight guard as yet another variation of the mounting method for the rear end of the scope rail. I know this is kind of old news but I think we can consider this one confirmed now. Another angle of the Hex Nut & Bolt, which appears to have a Slotted Head. Notice the Scope Rail is bent at an upwards angle behind the Hex Bolt holding it down. More angles showing the Slotted Head. Also a good view of the Greeblie on top of the Scope.
  4. You used my photos from my Reference Thread, that’s really not cool man. Also super deceiving showing images of the real thing for your 3D printing files, you literally used my photo of my hand holding my T-Track. Lol Most importantly 3D printing is not accurate if that’s what you’re going for, not at all! Why not get the exact same real T-Track that was used on the original prop? It’s available and still being manufactured, you can buy it here just scroll down to the bottom; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  5. Just found this, better grab it while it’s still available. They’re getting impossible to find; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Swedish-Military-LK35-Frame-Bushcraft-Survival-Bugout-Bag/174547197516?pageci=8190077d-9f99-4cec-8311-08ca9ed2bff6
  6. That webbing looks fairly close to the screen used prop, but we have already determined that the fabric roll is in fact a Russian Plash Palatka, not a U.S. Half-Shelter! It’s the same poncho worn by the Mimban Troopers in the SOLO movie.
  7. Even the LK35 variant of the Swedish Military Hiking Pack has become difficult to find, let alone a screen accurate M75 Frame. Wishing you the best of luck!
  8. Now back to business, I know it’s been brought up here already before but the SOLO movie and The Mandalorian on Disney+ both utilize this exact same costume for both productions. Have we considered applying the same single CRL to multiple movies/tv show productions? (“Disney Era Stormtrooper”) or would it be easier to simply copy the HTML code from the page and just create new links for SOLO and The Mandalorian on the FISD CRL directory?
  9. Okay it appears to be working correctly now, Good Job getting that figured out!
  10. Yea even the text formatting is all messed up for the E-11 section on this CRL, I’m guessing that definitely has something to do with it too. None of the others CRLs are like that, just this one.
  11. Try it on a mobile device, and look at all the other CRLs that use my image; https://databank.501st.com/databank/File:TK_rogue_one_e11.jpg You’ll notice this CRL is the only one that doesn’t work?...
  12. Agreed, definitely weird how that image alone is not displaying on mobile? It’s definitely something wrong with the Rogue One Stromtrooper CRL html code because the image displays fine for all the other CRLs that it’s used for?; https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_R1_Jedha_Sandtrooper So something went wrong with this CRL In particular somewhere along the line?..
  13. Hmm, that’s very strange. The image is not showing up with Safari on the iPhone. I will try to update my phone and see if that fixes it.
  14. They are on a blank white background, but I can easily put them on a transparent background if that’s required? But it will have to be a .PNG or .TIFF file format for that.
  15. What happened to the Rogue One E-11 images I was asked to work on and contribute to the CRL? I see the requirements I wrote up are still there but what happened to the the pictures? Also here’s a link to the image I made; https://imgur.com/WvQ0NQ4
  16. Well it looks like the Rogue One E-11 was also used in The Mandalorian show in addition to the SOLO movie. M-300 Flashlight accessory is missing here. IG-11 holding his E-11 complete with Flashlight. Another Stormtrooper, this screenshot is mirrored as the original footage was flipped horizontally, as seen below. One of the 501st troopers who was invited to help out on set is briefly seen onscreen holding one of those plastic toy/costume accessory stormtrooper blasters from Rubies. As you can see he is wearing ANH Stunt armor, as opposed to the new Disney era Stormtrooper armor from Rogue One & SOLO that is typically seen in The Mandalorian. He is also holding the Rubies stormtrooper blaster, as opposed to the Rogue One E-11 prop that is typically seen in The Mandalorian. Rubies Stormtrooper Blaster painted black. These are actually allowed for basic approval with some modifications, and the E-11 in the Rebels cartoon is based on this toy. So Disney had actually used this blaster design on screen already albeit in animated form.
  17. This is from the Rogue One Stormtrooper display at Celebration Europe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Yesterday I discovered a good source for Rogue One T-Track. Tubeway Sales LTD. is a wholesaler and you can only buy large quantities directly from them. I found a distributor offering smaller amounts specifically pre-cut into six 8” pieces for a Rogue One E-11 Blaster Build; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  19. Just as I said in the photo caption. It is just a Shepperton Design Studios E-11. Not at all accurate to the original ANH E-11 as it claims to be, it’s actually a pretty terrible blaster accuracy wise. It’s incorrect in so many ways which is fairly common knowledge on this forum. The SDS E-11 is not metal, it is a plastic blaster infused with a dense foam filler. If you read My post the T-Track for these was sourced from the same company that the Prop Department sourced for Rogue One; Tubeway Sales LTD. which is why the T-Track is the same. Prop Makers in Rogue One did recast or remodel their power cylinders based of the SDS blasters as well. Which were highly inaccurate to ANH but are now used on screen in Rogue One & SOLO.
  20. The Counter is mounted to the scope rail using a bracket located beneath the scope between the feet. You can see this blaster is missing the counter as well as the mounting bracket between the scope feet. I should elaborate more on this in my Rogue One E-11 Blaster Reference thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Today I believe I actually discovered the source of the T-Track that prop makers used in Rogue One. It’s mass produced from a U.K. based company and it appears to be the exact same T-Track that Andrew Ainsworth cast into his plastic/foam Shepperton Design Studios E-11 as I pointed out in my ROGUE ONE E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE You can purchase this T-Track here in kits of six 8” pieces for an E-11 build; https://www.3d-props.com/shop/hardware/
  22. Well as coincidence would have it; Today I believe I actually discovered the source of the T-Track that prop makers used in Rogue One. It’s mass produced from a U.K. based company and it appears to be the exact same T-Track that Andrew Ainsworth cast into his plastic/foam Shepperton Design Studios E-11 as I pointed out in my ROGUE ONE E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE I will be ordering this T-Track in bulk and offering it for sale here on Whitearmor in the near future if all goes as planned.
  23. I am probably going to have to make my own custom rail from steel, I also plan on using the “Z Bend” type rail as that’s what was on the Hero prop that Jyn Erso uses, but I may also make the more common “block and screw” type scope rail.
  24. I added a new reference image to the main post, this photo is from a magazine I bought a while back called 'Rogue One - The Official Mission Debrief'
  25. Looks like Stormtrooper Shop has changed its name to “Stormtrooper Store”. Still the same only company affiliated with Jedi Robe. http://www.stormtrooperstore.com
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