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  1. A vendor on here used to sell these 3M Speedglas headbands for inside the helmets. Anyone know if he still sells them? I wasn't able to find him. Didn't know these headbands are so hard to find now. They look like this - https://www.aftfasteners.com/products/3m-speedglas-welding-helmet-headbands-and-mounting-hardware-5-1-2-x-12-plastic-1-ea.html
  2. I know a while back I saw a How To on making ABS snap plates. Anyone know where it is? I'm helping a friend with his armor and with the snap plate I don't remember how to get the backs of the snaps flush with the plate itself. I'm not sure if we needed to heat the plastic with a solder or heat gun to soften it before installing the snap?
  3. How do you guys control the volume on your speakers while trooping? I have my speaker mounted inside my chest plate and there's no way for me to reach it myself to control it..always have to have someone else do it for me. Would be awesome if there was a line I could run to my hand to control the volume myself. What do you guys do?
  4. Thanks Joseph, I guess I'm limited on what to do.
  5. I've been having issues where the chin of my helmet keeps rubbing against the top of my chest plate and wanted to know who else has this problem and what you've done to alleviate it. I find myself constantly lifting my head slightly to clear my chest plate. These are things I've tried and thought of but didn't help - - Thought of placing a pad on the inside top of my helmet to raise it a bit but then I wouldn't be able to see through the eyes. - I've tried lengthening the shoulder straps so the chest plate could come down some but that made my backplate stick out from my back. - I've shaved the edge of the chin down a bit to give it a bit more room but it made a minimal difference. Any other suggestions and/or what you've done that works? Thanks troopers!
  6. Hey Adam, Thanks for the offer! But yeah I already ordered it and it finally came a few days ago. Haven't really played with it yet...but hope it works out! Thanks again for the offer though....very cool!
  7. Sorry to revive this but I noticed part numbers and whatnot have changed on the site. Is this the one that you guys have ordered? - http://www.ixradio.com/shop/throat-microphone-with-1-8-3.5mm-plug-for-voice-amplifier-xvtm822d-d35-single-transponder.html
  8. Try putting a piece of velcro on the 'tongue' of the boot and one inside the lower front part of the shin. It's what works for me. Never had an issue and it's a simple fix.
  9. How did you put the aluminum piece on there and where did you get the piece?
  10. I know! I still have save many of the messages we exchanged with each other from back then...so crazy!
  11. Thanks Walter! And thanks for all the help and support you gave me since day one!
  12. Ah thanks Preston! And thanks for them labels too!..haha
  13. Please consider my application for ANH Stunt Centurion Status (AP) Name: Hugh 501st ID: TK-21874 501st Member Page: http://501st.com/mem...hp?userID=23211 EIB Submission: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/39835-tk-21874-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ap-663/ FISD Forum Name: Spyder918 Garrison: Golden Gate Garrison Height: 5' 7 Weight: 185 lbs Armor: AP Helmet: AP Hand Plates: JustJoseph63 Neck Seal: Darman Belt: Kittell Holster: Darman Boots: Imperial Boots Blaster: Hyperfirm
  14. History Ever since I watched ANH, I became a die hard SW fan. As a child I was part of the Star Wars club and even wrote them to ask if I could buy a lightsaber. Fast forward to a few years ago, I decided to fulfill a childhood dream of mine to finally get a real SW costume/armor. Well without much research and not knowing about the 501st, I bought a commercial armor and then later realized what a mistake that was. Several great things came from that armor though. I learned about the 501st, met some great and talented people on FISD, and learned so much about different tools, how things work, and acquired new crafty skills that I’m sure I’ll use again in the future. FISD I’ve lost count how many times I’ve mentioned to my friends the talent I see on FISD. I’m amazed at some of the work, customizations, modifications that you all come up with and execute with such OCD precision! You are truly an amazing, talented, and most helpful forum/community I’ve ever been a part of and it’s truly a privilege for me to now be part of the 501st family as well. Centurion here I come! Shout Outs First and foremost, I have to thank Tony (UKSWRATH) for all of his awesome builds including my own, his tutorials, his clever tips and tricks, and for his genuine hospitality, one of the humblest dudes I’ve met on FISD. Also wanted to mention several others who I’ve bugged and relentlessly questioned over and over again, thank you all for your patience with me and for just being so helpful and yet encouraging: Walter (Haribon72), Aaron (Pyrates), Jorge (zv288BOT), Preston (Pretzel), Allan (allan1313), Gary (Sentry71), and Luc (Lucnak). I also want to thank all of you who I’ve bought products from, you know who you are, (Darman, slavefive, TKittel, ABS80, Trooperbay, and JustJoseph63) thank you for your awesome craftsmanship and ingenuity. Also wanted to thank my best friend Richie for his awesome support and for my late night rants about my old armor and for his general help and open mindedness, let’s get your TIE armor approved! Last and certainly not least, I want to thank my lovely wife for all of those late night armor fitments and picture taking, all the countless hours I’ve locked myself in the garage, all the times she’s bailed me out when I was able to put my armor on but then couldn’t get out of it, and for her patience and understanding of all of my SW nerdiness, thank you baby!
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