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  1. It's my pleasure! Truthfully, I had no idea until I got the kit in hand. When you order it's still a good idea to make him aware that you'll be building version B rather than version A. Also, if he does forget any of the pieces that you'll require, just let him know, and he will make sure that you receive them. He's really easy to work with.
  2. Hi! Regarding the armor. When we purchased the kit from Kevin Weir, version B features a different back plate, our kit actually came packed with both options. The version A back plate is the way it comes molded. Version B is an abs rectangle that you mount onto the armor. In addition the thermal detonator is built differently, the pipe remains unpainted, and the trim is different. So, basically, regardless of which version you decide to go with, Kevin has you covered. Currently the flat boots are the most difficult to source, which is probably the reason why more folks are making version A rather than B. The ones featured in the CRL are by Gio, he made the heeled version in the CRL as well.
  3. I have yet to contact Gio, but I was wondering, does he make both a flat version and a higher heeled version, or does he only make the flat? The girls I know who have boots from him only own the flatter version. Just wondering because the heeled boot is becoming increasingly hard to source because white heeled Chelsea boots are not in style. I found one pair on Amazon that I think will work, but it's kinda sad that options are so limited.
  4. TK-11486 approved & reporting for duty. Please update profile and access. Thank you very much! Glad to be all official and stuff! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19426&costumeID=124
  5. Super uber excited. TK is almost done. Will be done, and approved, before the run closes. Can't wait!
  6. BJ sent me a pic of this earlier today. So of course I had to catch up regarding this thread. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Like chin drops to the ground wow!!!
  7. Hi! This is Ashley. I talked to you at that get together thing a couple of weeks ago. So nice to see that you joined FISD. Welcome!
  8. Cool... Thanks! Yes, totally. Though I kinda have an advantage when it comes to this. My guy is Expert Infantry... apparently we are aiming for Centurion when it comes to my build. He tells me all the time, much easier to do it right the first time around, than to have to do mods, to make it better, later.
  9. Ha! Thanks! Somehow though... I'm okay with that. Totally worth it!
  10. You go girl! So far, really good. Can't wait to see the process, and, of course, the finished product.
  11. As many have said... Hyperfirm is the way to go. Just got mine a few weeks ago, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Totally worth it, also, didn't take long to receive at all.
  12. Hi... my name is Ashley I'm currently an approved Scout. I love my TB, but it has been a goal of mine to be a TK for a very long time. My armor (ANH stunt) arrived last week. My E-11 arrived the week before. Actual construction of the armor should start post Halloween. It's currently down in Florida with my boyfriend, who will be assisting me with my build. So, yes, hello! Some of my fav people in the world are TK's, and I can't wait to be one of them.
  13. I think the best way to approach any build is to do it yourself, but with assistance. Such as from your local Garrison. I always say, all the costume projects I have taken on, it takes a village. You will make mistakes... it will happen. But there is not a single thing that cannot be fixed.
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