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  1. Hello! I'm very excited to join the 501st, but with college taking up a lot of time and a very large lack of experience creating costumes I'm very scared to spend a large portion of money making a costume and just messing up horrifically and I wanted to know if I could buy a legit costume from the movie. I've saved up and i'm willing to pay a large amount of money but I wanted to run by the detachment first and see if it was ok to buy a costume as long as its Canon, and if so, which prop company would be the best bet. I've looked at stormtrooper-costumes.com, theoriginalstormtrooper.com, and rspropmasters.com. Any help would do! Thank you so much!
  2. Hello! I'm very glad to begin this journey and adventure with all of you and can't wait to be a part of the 501st! I'm from Southern California and I'm very new to this but I'm very willing to learn!!
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