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  1. Hey du alte Socke...viel Spass im Süden^^

  2. The greatest awesome armor i've ever seen. I'm proud to have this armor....i love it^^

  3. Hey bro...the next visit from you in germany, together we eat many chicks ^^ :P


  4. noooooooooooooooo....shaaaaame....i mean "HAPPY BIRTHDAY""

    Oh god....embarrassing :P

  5. Hey Steve...happy birthday mate. Best wishes for you and drink a beer for me ^^

    Cheers, Daniel

  6. Hi mate.....

    have you started the assembling yet? :D


  7. Hi mate...i hope you and you're family are fine. My first troop with my new DLT-19 was "yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa" awesome ^^


  8. Hi Mark, areyou all right??? :-)

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