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  1. Hi guys, This called my attention. I have a couple of observations as ideas for improving size and cost, having worked on stuff similar to this for my degree. you can fit LCD shutters (samsung smart TVs use similar stuff for 3D glasses) on the visor easily enough, with a micro usb camera on the teeth, all wired to a Single Board Computer like an Aaeon UP Squared or an Nvidia Jetson/Xavier (depending on specs I would go for Nvidia because of real-time graphic processing), they can fit on the back plate just the same with a 3Dprinted case and you could have the whole thing working for $500 at 1/4 the size and weight for extended periods of time with a lithium ion battery for power. It could work for an entire troop no problem. size on the helmet would be minimal depending on the camera used because lcd shutters are extremely thin. Let me know if you have any questions and would love to see a prototype. Best Regards Javier
  2. Hi, the armor looks good, all the issues that could be address have already being mentioned so good louck on basic approval. Local GML has the last word on approval conditions.
  3. Congrats and welcome to the ranks of the FISD and the 501st!!! we are always happy to welcome new members!! we look forward to your EIB and Centurion applications although you could go straight to Centurion. I dont think you need to go through EIB to get to Centurion. Good luck and let us know if we can help you in any way
  4. congratz on your approval trooper!!! welcome to the ranks of the FISD. As joseph said, share your knowledge and stay active on the forum so others can benefit from your experience.
  5. Congratz trooper!!! welcome to the ranks of the FISD!!! we are very happy to have you! troop on brother in arms
  6. welcome to the ranks trooper!!! always glad to have awesome people joining the Legion and specially the FISD.
  7. Congratulations Trooper!! and welcome to the ranks of the FISD!!!
  8. I havent used E6000 since its not available in my country, I used blue UHU for plastics and its STRONG... it fuses the parts together, no trace of glue left but its kind of permanent, no ungluing once its there. I hope this is useful
  9. armors are usually made for 5'8 through 6' so if you are 6'1" you may have to adjust the level on thighs and arms so theres as little gap as possible but otherwise ok. Height is not really a problem unless you have basketball player height, but when you are a little too wide you may have gaps on the sides or armor parts wont fit well. Then again, like Joseph said, a picture is worth a thousand words Matt so send your pictures and we can help you further. I have an Anovos armor and they are made for 6' tops and Im 6'1" so i had to watch the gaps here and there but it fits awesome, actually im a little too thin so the armor jiggles in some parts lol.
  10. could you please clarify the names of the armors? since I dont get the TM RS AP acronyms and yes I think TM look the best... Im not very into "battle damage"
  11. Congratulation on your approval trooper and your EIB. Good luck with Centurion and keep up the good work
  12. Congratulations on the approval and first troop Tom. We are always a hit. The 501st is a magnet for attention and even more with us the TKs so take it all in and enjoy the troops to come! dont forget to request 501st access and you can also start the road to EIB or Centurion
  13. Congratulations trooper!!! now remember to request 501st access on the forums and that you armor is never truly finished lol now you can begin the road to EIB or Centurion hehe
  14. Congratz!! and welcome to the Legion!! like dan said, dont forget to request the 501st access and if you need help for Expert Infatry Badge or Centurion you can always send us a message.
  15. Welcome to the Legion and the FISD! dont forget to get 501st access on the forums and have fun out there doing the emperors will!!
  16. Hi Guys, I have to say that I agree with most of you. The blaster isn't "perfect" but it is perfect for me, since better blasters wouldn't ship to Ecuador or were ridiculously expensive plus shipping. I did read a lot more about the SDS lawsuit and yes, Ainsworth didn't design the original props (i never said he did), he made the molds for mass production and then delivered them to LFL. But I do have to say that for someone living in the an impolite person-end of the planet as is Ecuador like me (LOL) where nobody ships almost anything I was very pleased to see that a company would go through the trouble of making it possible to ship to my country in such short time and at an affordable price. The Blaster is good enough for approval purposes, its light for trooping(700g) and very good detail and quality considering I paid 320usd for it including all the hassle of shipping (the blaster was 150usd at the time). When I tried HF or phoenix props they had a lot of good reviews but they wouldnt ship outside the US and I had no way of bringing them. I understand that propmakers in the US have some limitations when shipping outside the US but for a global organization like the Legion, just because we dont live in the US doesnt mean we cant buy good things. I was very dissapointed with other E-11 makers and I couldn't build my own for lack of materials in Ecuador. I hope this thread and info is helpful for other legionnaires inside and outside the US.
  17. I can certify the quality of the materials Gio uses are excellent and I'm interested in knowing if the design specs are OK for ordering.

  19. Hey tony, what specific pics do I need for EIB?
  20. Hi everyone, I dont post much on this forum, although I did make a claim that Doopydoos ripped me off in my search for a E-11 conversion kit which I never got, filed a claim through Paypal, got my money back and DDs got black listed on Paypal for not complying with paypal policies. Since then I have been looking for a good E-11 to complete my Anovos armor and icomms voice changer ensemble (they are both worth every penny of them), I went through phoenix props I think is called and others too but none seemed like a good option for me because either they didnt ship to my country (Ecuador, South America) or they were too expensive between actual price and shipping. Finally, I came across the notorious www.originalstormtrooper.com page owned by Shepperton Studios and Andrew Ainsworth (for those who dont know, he's the original prop maker of all the actual props in Star Wars A New Hope back in 1977 that got a lawsuit for copyright violations and won in the UK). I talked to them through Skype and they did all the work so they could send an E-11 blaster replica by Andrew Ainsworth to my country with Fedex!! the blaster arrived with perfect details, quite sturdy, light and perfect in every way! I HIGHLY recommend to all my fellow legionnaires this blasters because they are utterly awesome, ready for trooping, extra fast delivery (5 days tops) and excellent costumer service although you do have to call through skype if you need help because your email tend to get lost in so many mails hehe (Richard Evans from costumer service told me that in a very strong British accent). P.S. I do have to warn all U.S. potential buyers, due to copyright restrictions and lawsuits between Andrew Ainsworth and Lucasfilm (research for more details) they dont sell in the U.S. so you might have to find a way around it to buy a blaster from them but believe me its worth it. I attach a couple of pics of the blaster to give you more perspective on what you are buying. Regards,
  21. Hi Tony, I have an approved 501st and FISD TK armor, but wanted to know what is required so I can apply, I will be at Celebration Orlando with my armor (second thinking about the blaster for security check reasons) but wanted to know more details about the contest. kind regards, Javier TK19878 *UPDATE* I just read the requirements and I think that with my ANOVOS armor the bolts on the belt are not squared, not sure about the ammo pack on the thigh, or the sniper knee and definitely need new boots so I'm sorry I cant apply for this, not enough time for modifications.
  22. Hi guys. I definitely do NOT recommend Doopydoos. I ordered the Disney Blaster through Amazon, got it all good and I ordered around the same time the Doopydoos conversion kit, I ordered the kit June 4th, its August 10th and I havent got my DDs kit... it never arrived and its been over 2 months. I already Disputed the charge on Paypal. I have read that DDs can take up to 3 weeks to deliver and even though I live in Ecuador, South America, 2 months+ for delivery is pushing it. So for ALL the Legion, I wouldnt buy Doopydoos kit ever. I tried contacting them 4 times, even called their phonenumber and I got no response, the phone number was incorrect. so Im really mad at Doopydoos and wouldnt recommend it to ANYONE. Kind regards TK19878
  23. Hi, I would like 501st Access please. TK19878 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22002&costumeID=124 Ecuador Outpost
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