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  1. 15 hours ago, Standrex said:

    My initial suit was from this guy... My Garrison wanted nothing to do with this guys work. I messaged him (wasn't even asking for a refund) and he was a jerk... Now I spread the word about this guy!! I still haven't touched the suit, but am thinking of putting it on a mannequin. 

    It shouldn't matter who made the armour so long as it is accurate and not of poor definition.  Garrisons shouldn't be shunning you based on the kit you purchased even if it's less than ideal/a recast.

  2. 55 minutes ago, Lee_C_77 said:

    For anyone interested, shipping to the uk is $340 !!!!!!

    They invoiced me for shipping April 30th but still haven’t sent my kit. And when they finally get the helmet and gaskets, guess what?


    Ouch, over double what the OT was then.  And when it arrives Fedex are going to send you an invoice for 23% of the kit + shipping cost + handling fee....

  3. 42 minutes ago, Sly11 said:

    I hope you and others do get what they ordered.
    I was so close to pulling the trigger on one of these about a year ago, I count my self lucky I did not.

    Me too, I was looking at how I could scrounge up the money but the unknown on the shipping was just a step too far.  Glad I dodged that one now.

  4. Troop #16 - 22 June 2019 - Heros And Villians Hemel Hempstead (approx 4 hours in armour)


    So I've not trooped in *checks watch* 7 months :icon_eek: but I was out today with Gary as Batman (part of our Reel Icons program).  My wife came along to spot us, she's not a legion member but we have an associate member scheme that allows partners/close family to join us and help out by spotting.


    Not a huge fancy troop but we were busy and the time went quickly.  Lots of small kids today, more than I am used to and I may have stepped on a few!


    Not overly a lot to report but it was an enjoyable troop and a nice ease back in after a busy few months for me.





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  5. It actually looks like a pretty decent option for a Rogue One E-11 blaster.  The base is right and the cylinders look reasonably accurate, being made directly from an air soft weapon might be an issue and it will be heavy.


    But yeah not the right blaster for an Original Trilogy trooper.

  6. Just a brief update, I'm adding a small margin to some of the items on my Shapeways store.  Nothing huge, I'm going to round up to the nearest 50c, and the few extra $ every so often would allow me a to treat my self to some free postage every so often! :laugh1:


    I had a quick look at the sales and there's over 65 of the cylinders out there now which is pretty cool!

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  7. There's many reasons, fibreglass isn't an idea choice, it's a re-cast and it's not very accurate at all.


    Really I can't recommend it at all.  Reading the threads above will give you a much more helpful idea of what to look for.

  8. I’m just going to offer a couple of thoughts


    Can you afford to lose 1600AUD? Can you save up another 200 or so? 


    Will this project cause you financial hardship in the near few years if you follow through? If so maybe complete your education first. We’ll be here when you’re done.  Many of us have done exactly this, waited and come back later.  This isn’t a cheap project and I suspect most of us spent more than was both budgeted and expected. 


    Finally consider this: I can be really nice to you too if you’re about to give me a sack full of money.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Helotech said:

    From my reading, it seems like every original suit was an individual work of art and not the same as any other suit

    It gets worse, by the end of filming most of the armour was in a dire state and it was mostly a grab bag of parts.  Thing like 2 right shins or parts held together with tape are everywhere if you look. 


    The thing to bear in mind though is the 501st trooper is to some extent the idealized version of what we saw.  No tape, no 2 left shins, no "Mr No Stripes".


    Given you have a Hero helmets you will need to follow that CRL.  So you will need new ears and a new holster (attached with 4 fastenings as per the CRL).  Most garrisons don't care about decals vs hand painted at basic levels but it's a question for your future garrison.

    2 hours ago, Helotech said:

    As to the licencing and claim for design rights, that is a topic which I don't really want to discuss in depth. But like details about the armour, from what I've read (and it is not an exhaustive study by any means, so be gentle on me) there are many varying stories about this saga, some which go along with the theory everyone states of AA lying. However, I've also read parts where AA states he didn't do the complete design, he just designed the molds to better suit production. 

    As with most legal things this is never as clean as most would like and there is 2 sides to each story.  He certainly made the armour, and probably had a part in the mold process.  What is clear to anyone with eyes however is that the armour he's currently selling is not made from those molds, too much stuff isn't right.

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  10. I do feel that to really begin to understand and get a grasp you need to build a TK, bit of a chicken and egg problem.

    1 hour ago, Helotech said:

    1) Is SDS sill considered bad?

    2) More importantly, why?

    3) It looks like a very good representation of TK armour. It may be missing a few rivets, snaps or buckles here or there, but these are easily added if I choose to. Is the basic armour still acceptable for 501st?

    4) I think the armour comes with a complete solid / ABS belt. (main bad point I've noticed) This will be confirmed once I open the boxes. Was the movie TK armour only supplied with a fabric rear portion? It is hard to discern in movie stills. Sometimes it looks like fabric, other times it seems to solid and plastic like

    1: Yes
    2: Mainly for the false claims, it's not what he claims it is. But also the armour isn't all that accurate.

    3: There's better starting points (there's also worse) but they do clear basic and some have been taken to Centurion.  How much work you will need to do depends on how it fits and the standards of your Garrison. Due to the distributed nature of Garrisons doing basic clearance it does vary a bit.

    4: The front bit, with the bumps on for want of a better description, is plastic.  This is then riveted to a canvas belt that Velcro's up at the rear under the TD.  Those rivets are covered by small ~1" covers.  The holster attaches to the canvas belt (for ANH anyway), in the film they were riveted on but there's a number of acceptable ways such as Chicago screws or I riveted on a snap so it looks accurate but can be detached.

    If the main belt is rigid then it's for the bin I am affraid.

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