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  1. On 2/13/2019 at 4:46 AM, Shinyarmour1 said:

    Thanks for the feedback guys.  I am outside of the US, so E6000 is a little difficult to find.  However I did hear about the differences between real and fake E6000.  So I know what to look for when I eventually find the glue (including online). 


    Thanks again for clearing things up for me.  I'll stay with E6000.

    Where about's are you? We may be able to guide you a bit better if we know where in the world you are.

  2. I take it he's not receiving the confirmation emails?  For some reason emails are starting to get caught in spam filters.


    There's a couple of options: they can explicitly white list @whitearmor.net or pm me with the user name and email they used and I can go look in the back end.


    For what it's worth it's probably a good idea to white list whitearmor anyway.

  3. 14 hours ago, James Whitley said:

    Tools and Equipment are going to run you any where from 150 (Low end) to well over 500 depending on what you get

    I'd say I spent maybe £50 on tools at most, and that was mostly for specialist bits.  Okay I already had basic stuff but you can build a whole TK with a Stanley knife, metal ruler, lexan scissors, some cheap files, a drill and sand paper.  I often see these huge lists of tools you "need", and you really don't.  Okay it might take a little longer but you're also far less likely to make a huge mistake with a pair of lexan scissors than with a dremel.

  4. Hero's Of The Empire is now out and available for viewing on Amazon.   Just search on amazon, I can't find a global link that's not my affiliate and I don't want to be 'that guy'.


    Sadly it's not been included in the prime package so if you want to watch you'll either need to rent it or purchase it.  Looks like these are the usual standard Amazon digital fees, so they will be what ever is normal in your country.

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  5. I'm going to hazard a guess the odd shape one would fall under "mistakes, errors and breakages".  Whilst they do exist the 501st trooper is a somewhat idealised average of all of them.  Whilst there is no specific rule against it I believe GMLs should also pay heed to the images which shows the standard ANH holster shape.


    The promo trooper is covered by the hero CRL, one is cleared in the UKG for sure. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero  You would need the SR-14R for the SR-14R holster though.

  6. Awesome place to troop, would love a wonder round there.


    Whilst I'm not a vet with PTSD I do struggle with crowds and busy environments, but the armour makes most of that go away.  Okay I've had a few moments but the spotters did their job and got me out of there.  The armour isn't just a costume, it's a whole new world that many of us other wise would not be able to join.



  7. For the most part that looks pretty okay.  A quick look shows naff gaskets, TD needs some more black, overlapping shoulder isn't going to fly.  No idea if the seams will work or not, look at the forearm for example.  Will they need filling?  Helmet looks nice like always though.


    BE fun seeing these come in and what is needed to get them through.


    ps: Some of the PS cutting out on that looks rather amateur hour too.


    20 minutes ago, mikidymac said:

    What worries me the most is this comment here, "A two month pause will occur due to Chinese New Year but will resume immediately until all orders have been sent out throughout this year." So I am wondering does that mean we will have them in 2-3 months or just sometime before January 1, 2020?

    Chinese new year starts next week, IIRC. So I read that as "we've got a crap ton of these to make and we've barely made a dent.  Oh and the factory will close for a week or so for Chinese new year which screws up loads of stuff coming out of china for weeks after that".  I don't know what the production is like but I expect this to take months rather than the 4-6ish weeks it took for OT.

  8. 9 hours ago, Thrawndike bar said:

    Thanks! I looked at a build thread for the doopydoo's blaster kit. It seemed like there were a lot of large areas that needed to be ground down, and small spots that needed to be filled in.

    If you just want an E11 that will pass, 99% of those build changes you see don't need to be done.  You could buy the resin kit, glue it together, spray it black and call it done.  The only gotcha for EIB is the rear D ring (well more of a round rect) needs to be added but I did get one in the kit, even if it wasn't great.


    All the mods you see people do is to make up for some of the detail loss that was needed to be able to make these castings cheaply.  Things like holes and deep grooves are filled in so that there's no deep holes in the mould that are prone to tearing.  The longer a mould lasts, the cheaper each casting can be.

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  9. 17 minutes ago, bear0902 said:

    What’s this mean? It says liquid error? It was a mistake I guess?

    Liquid is a templating system created by Shopify to make it easier to design web shops.  Anovos use Shopify to provide their web shop.


    Looks like there is an error in the template/software somewhere which is causing this error.

  10. Welcome to the FISD!

    On 12/30/2018 at 10:38 PM, Cosmic-leopard said:

    Hard question I know but on average what is the cost I should aim off for? I'm aware this isn't a cheap adventure at all but I'd like to know so I can start preparing the wife lol. 

    UK wise there's a pretty decent amount of choice but it can all be sourced here, some of the best armour is UK made. The biggest price variable is the kit but the reality is you're going to be in the £800-£1500 ish range depending on exact decisions you make.  I think mine was about a grand but I didn't keep and exact cost recorded.

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