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  1. 2 hours ago, senatorsith said:

    Mine has been in the same state for the last two elections so I would love to be able to have input come February 2020

    There’s a few things that need to be correct for it to work. I’m not sure on all of them but as a minimum I believe it uses emails to match you here and at the legion. So go through all the things like that on both the legion and FISD and ensure they match. If this still doesn’t resolve it before the election then it can be fixed manually by the DL. 

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  2. Hi everyone, 


    I’m assuming the sudden influx is due to the census. Please let the admin team work through these and do not repost, they will get done in time. 


    Also so remember that the only time detachment affiliation matters is for the elections in February. Prior to the elections a process will be run to sync FISD members to the Legion DB. This will not be run until just prior to elections.



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  3. 10 hours ago, JZYL said:

    Also! Want to remind everyone safety safety safety!


    Whenever using sharp cutting tools or power tools, and even when you're snapping plastic, remember to wear protection!

    That means safety glasses, no-cut gloves, and appropriate clothing.

    Also use a sharp knife, sounds counter intuitive but true. A dull blade means you'll push harder, which means your more likely to slip, which means you're more likely to cut your self.  Further when you do inevitably cut yourself a cut from a sharp blade will heal faster and cleaner than a nasty cut from a dull blade that was more of a tear.


    Personally I can't do delicate work in gloves, I'm far more likely to slip/mess up with gloves on. 

  4. On 9/16/2019 at 3:05 AM, JZYL said:

     A. @CableGuyTRamp > note that due to size, cannot be placed in helmet unless it's Spaceballs bucket

              - UK based

              - comes with speaker, charge directly

              - option of keyfob control for voice clips, option fingertip buttons

              - not small, needs to be placed outside helmet

              - customize microSD on computer, need adapter

    I know I posted this elsewhere but its @pwhitrow that makes Tramp not Dan.

  5. TM would be my choice for a Hero, I didn't know RS did one.  Price is in a similar ball park as RS iirc but you're best bet is to ask him.  He's also @troopermaster on here if you would prefer that to Facebook.


    Ideally source all parts from the same maker.  All suits are a bit different and so have a "look" which will work best as a matched set.  The colour of the ABS will vary a little too so ordering from one maker at the same time will reduce this as well.

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  6. Welcome to the FISD!

    Helmets are 1 size fits all, some people they are more snug (me) others have loads of room.  They just affects how you pad it out to fit.


    RS is a stunt kit, the armour is the same but they do not do a Hero helmet which has a different face plate.


    My weight has gone up and down.  I dropped about 5kg and armour fit was still fine.  Much more than this or a large gain may mean things need adjusting.


    I don't think I've ever seen a Hero light sabre outside of that CRL image.  Not sure where they came from but generally the Hero suit will replicate the suits Luke and Han (and also a few background TKs if you pay attention) wore in ANH.  There is also the "promo" trooper which used the SR-14R and short holster but there are maybe 2 members with those I've ever seen.


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