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  1. Just a brief update, I'm adding a small margin to some of the items on my Shapeways store.  Nothing huge, I'm going to round up to the nearest 50c, and the few extra $ every so often would allow me a to treat my self to some free postage every so often! :laugh1:


    I had a quick look at the sales and there's over 65 of the cylinders out there now which is pretty cool!

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  2. There's many reasons, fibreglass isn't an idea choice, it's a re-cast and it's not very accurate at all.


    Really I can't recommend it at all.  Reading the threads above will give you a much more helpful idea of what to look for.

  3. I’m just going to offer a couple of thoughts


    Can you afford to lose 1600AUD? Can you save up another 200 or so? 


    Will this project cause you financial hardship in the near few years if you follow through? If so maybe complete your education first. We’ll be here when you’re done.  Many of us have done exactly this, waited and come back later.  This isn’t a cheap project and I suspect most of us spent more than was both budgeted and expected. 


    Finally consider this: I can be really nice to you too if you’re about to give me a sack full of money.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Helotech said:

    From my reading, it seems like every original suit was an individual work of art and not the same as any other suit

    It gets worse, by the end of filming most of the armour was in a dire state and it was mostly a grab bag of parts.  Thing like 2 right shins or parts held together with tape are everywhere if you look. 


    The thing to bear in mind though is the 501st trooper is to some extent the idealized version of what we saw.  No tape, no 2 left shins, no "Mr No Stripes".


    Given you have a Hero helmets you will need to follow that CRL.  So you will need new ears and a new holster (attached with 4 fastenings as per the CRL).  Most garrisons don't care about decals vs hand painted at basic levels but it's a question for your future garrison.

    2 hours ago, Helotech said:

    As to the licencing and claim for design rights, that is a topic which I don't really want to discuss in depth. But like details about the armour, from what I've read (and it is not an exhaustive study by any means, so be gentle on me) there are many varying stories about this saga, some which go along with the theory everyone states of AA lying. However, I've also read parts where AA states he didn't do the complete design, he just designed the molds to better suit production. 

    As with most legal things this is never as clean as most would like and there is 2 sides to each story.  He certainly made the armour, and probably had a part in the mold process.  What is clear to anyone with eyes however is that the armour he's currently selling is not made from those molds, too much stuff isn't right.

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  5. I do feel that to really begin to understand and get a grasp you need to build a TK, bit of a chicken and egg problem.

    1 hour ago, Helotech said:

    1) Is SDS sill considered bad?

    2) More importantly, why?

    3) It looks like a very good representation of TK armour. It may be missing a few rivets, snaps or buckles here or there, but these are easily added if I choose to. Is the basic armour still acceptable for 501st?

    4) I think the armour comes with a complete solid / ABS belt. (main bad point I've noticed) This will be confirmed once I open the boxes. Was the movie TK armour only supplied with a fabric rear portion? It is hard to discern in movie stills. Sometimes it looks like fabric, other times it seems to solid and plastic like

    1: Yes
    2: Mainly for the false claims, it's not what he claims it is. But also the armour isn't all that accurate.

    3: There's better starting points (there's also worse) but they do clear basic and some have been taken to Centurion.  How much work you will need to do depends on how it fits and the standards of your Garrison. Due to the distributed nature of Garrisons doing basic clearance it does vary a bit.

    4: The front bit, with the bumps on for want of a better description, is plastic.  This is then riveted to a canvas belt that Velcro's up at the rear under the TD.  Those rivets are covered by small ~1" covers.  The holster attaches to the canvas belt (for ANH anyway), in the film they were riveted on but there's a number of acceptable ways such as Chicago screws or I riveted on a snap so it looks accurate but can be detached.

    If the main belt is rigid then it's for the bin I am affraid.

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  6. We're coming into the season now so they should pop up more often.  It will need to be an all day troop with one of the staff or events team there, if that's the case and it's not marked as an induction just ask if it can be made into one, they can't always but always worth asking.

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  7. Half of the trailer was Rey staring down a TIE!  


    Also I am pretty sure I know where that grass hill is when they see the Death Star. I drove past during filming as it’s very close to me, may be wrong but I am reasonably sure as we went past on the way to the garden centre at the weekend so I double checked the grass :laugh1:

  8. What Tony said.  When building use the screen as your reference, not anovos promo and keep an eye on the CRL.  I can't see anything major happening it's more likely to be clarifications.


    Ultimately there's a few CRLs with stuff that's straight up wrong so if you're unsure ASK.  Bring the bit of the CRLs wording and and image from the screen and we can figure it out.

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  9. 16 hours ago, mikidymac said:

    I am just saying that maybe seams could be allowed at Basic level since the general public will not notice and Basic is meant to be the minimum to get you in. Just like you can have overlap, butt and coverstrips on the Basic OTTK. Also Basic OTTK allows seams on the boots when the movie didn't have seams, EIB doesn't allow seams.

    If you were writing the OT CRLs today, overlap wouldn't be allowed, guaranteed.  As Q's said a lot of the OT stuff is that way because history and it takes a lot to get the changes to happen on the core, old CRLs in a way that would break compatibility for some of the older kits.


    If you look back everything changes in 2012 when the blue ray release happened. All of a sudden there was a ton of high res reference and a huge influx of people.  One lead to better kits, the other lead to a lot of momentum that made it harder to change stuff.


    It's also too easy to assume that the 501st is the only game in town.  Yes we bought a lot of the OT Anovos kits but I'd wager we were less than 50% and it's probably similar for the First Order ones.  The rest go to fans to troop with other less strict groups, fit on dummies in their hobby room, get worn twice at conventions or Halloween, or who knows what else they do with them.

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  10. Hi Jim, Welcome to the FISD.


    Where abouts are you? There's a lot of us in the hour ish from London area.


    If you haven't already done so pop over to http://ukgarrison.co.uk/forum as well and sign up over there.  The armourer team will be able to help you and guide you with your build and ensure you follow our clearance process.  This isn't as scary as it sounds, you just post your progress as you go to prevent any big oops moments and means the GML stage is more of a rubber stamping than a full on review (as that was done during the build!)


    Good luck trooper.

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  11. 11 hours ago, lucnak said:

    My understanding is just not to share it on FB/Twitter/Instagram and whatever. Discussing on forums shouldn't be an issue. We thrive on this kind of stuff! Hah.

    This was my interpretation.


    It may already be all over social media but that doesn't mean we should be contributing, at least in an official manner.  Despite what many think the 501st gets to do a lot of cool stuff because of the relationships built over a long time by peoples hard work.  Not sharing this doesn't hurt the legion at all, and again helps build this relationship.


    On here, behind a sign up? Go nuts, maybe there's a good reason 3PO has Chewys Bowcaster?  Maybe it's in the scene I saw them filming near me? I won't know until December.

  12. Sorry to be the party pooper but you can't sell things in this forum, please use the Sales Sections.  I'll be editing out the link after I post this.


    Also you are walking the line of "merch" with these by mentioning det names on the table one so you might want to consider that as well if you post them to the sales forum.

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