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  1. Thank you for giving me access! Question, once I complete my TK do I redo this on here again for the remaining access? Just making sure when I do get it done.
  2. TX 84247 of the Midsouth Garrison requesting access/status https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29802
  3. Welcome Dan! I've been out to Tucson before, well a few times. I have family out in Arizona. Main one we visit was in Glendale, but I think she may be over in Tucson now, I'd have to find out from my mother where my grandmother is at now... lol I may actually be going out there later this year too to visit family. Welcome aboard and like you, I too am looking forward to my first build as well, might have to bounce stuff off one another and the wonderful community here as we work ^^ -David
  4. Appreciate it guys! And Chrskmbr, please let me know how it goes with RT-Mod, as it will probably be one of the ones I have to go with myself being as tall as I am!
  5. Appreciated Anthony! I was looking for the Hudson Valley Squads site and emailed the commander directly as the site is down, so thanks for offering the Empire City website for me! I will take a look at that and may have to message you to pick your brains on a few things.
  6. Hello all, I've been a Star Wars junkie for years since I was very, very young. I've always wanted to get a Stormtrooper armor and once I started researching it a few years ago I came across the 501st site and FISD site. I've slowly started to get into researching information about trooping and the 501st, found a local Hudson Valley detachment and decided to start research into a armor set. I wanted to say hello to the members here and hope you all can help me make selections when I get to that point. Take care, Catevari
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