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  1. I concur. This is the same point I have tried to make in the past.
  2. 1. I disagree with having the weathering a requirement for basic level approvals (with the exception of the gray lines on the indents) 2. Should implement a minimum number of segments on the belt and forearms to accommodate different sized troopers but not dilute the costume to severe inaccuracies 3. Confused about the stickers/paint comment on the thermal detonator. If it looks correct, who cares if it’s a white tube with stickers or paint vice a grey tube painted white?
  3. Is the overall consensus still that nomex gloves aren't acceptable at basic? I think they should be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I need to get in on this order, if at all possible!
  5. Wanted to weigh in here since I'm (very slowly) working on building one of these kits. 1. I disagree with the requirement of the grey weathering at basic level since it's very inconsistent across the different scenes in the show (textures used to imitate environmental lighting IMO) and kinda goes against the point of painting it gloss white and polishing to reflect light 2. Again, due to being inconsistent throughout, I don't think the gloss white and polished to reflect light should be a basic requirement and rather be reserved for a "hero" or level 2/3 variant. I personally think a sat
  6. Do you have an example of how this is done? My mind is stumped on how it would look seamless. I mainly have build experience with classic TKs, so sorry for what may be a dumb question.
  7. Very interested to see how the shins turn out. With the sides being seamless on screen, maybe split the calf down the back to make it go on like a classic TK and allow for filler on both sides?
  8. Wondering if you have the files available for this. Looking to print one for a garrison mate.
  9. Following this with great interest.
  10. Definitely interested to see more on this and how it looks finished up. I received one of the standard line helmets today and pretty happy with it but the mic tip is driving me nuts.
  11. What make/model of airsoft rifle did you use as a base? I think once I get past this step, the rest of my build will be cake.
  12. Do you have pics of the results of your flamethrower build?
  13. Just wanted to drop by and post a little progress on my build: Gonna clean up the helmet a bit and add some "scorch marks" to mask my overspray incident.
  14. The CRL doesn't show it, but from my understanding the ROTJ biceps are two different shapes and I think they have a different indent on the inside of both. Someone please jump in and correct me if I'm wrong.
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