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  1. Started trimming the breast plate, ab plate and bottom half. i find the hips material much more easier than the abs, especially for sanding to a nice smooth rounded finish. Also I trimmed the back plates as well.
  2. Well I hope my build helps you. I plan to do this to the best I can ☺
  3. The joint would need sanding down as smooth as possible to get a nice smooth finish when filled on the outside. .it wouldn't be as noticeable from the inside. This is very much like a half tk half clone type of build.
  4. Yes I will be sealing the armour from inside the casts of the cslves/shins. The outside will be fully enclosed on the inside will have an attached strip inside that will have velcro on sealing it to make a flush joint
  5. After studying more HQ photos it appears that there isn't a grey wash on the armour it is in fact the shadowing from the environment. .so I will be keeping the armour white ☺
  6. Thanks Mellissa! I've just sent in my application to join the 501st forum! Let's do thus!
  7. Sizing up the thighs and calves/shins. Both are seamless, I am looking at putting a strip of white plastic inside the side joins after trimming to size. The calf will require being able to open on the inside and a strip placed with Velcro attached so can be removed easily. I plan to fill the cracks with filler to make smooth joints. the thighs will probably need 1-2 inches off each side as quite large for my frame, and will need shortening around 1 - 1 1/2 inch to fit
  8. I am preparing it now. I have a thread started on the forum. I've just applied to create the first CRL for this in the 501st
  9. yes absolutely! I think the younger generation of today's SW will associate more with these than the classic tk
  10. Looking at the TK references ive noticed a grey wash over their armor. Im still thinking about doing this when the armor is complete. Would anyone have any opinions or suggestions on this ?
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