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  1. I usually hold the blaster with the other hand. Fits under the glove pretty well. And rest in my hand with the flics without setting them off if I need to. But this is why I’m offering it for others to test the app to get some feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Removing this post now I've updated the first post with all the info that was in it.
  3. I’ve been working on this on and off now for about a year. I’ve tested it at several troops and it’s working well. So now it’s time to show you what I've got! ‬It’s basically a soundboard on your iPhone controlled by unlimited bluetooth buttons. I've created a video below showing how you might use it as a sound board. I'm using the MiCom template which I bought along with the MiCom sound rig, which is a great product in itself! Please note you would have to buy the template from them directly or make your own template. This is an example of my App using it only.
  4. Similar with me. Longer torso proportionally. Plus I’m shorter overall. I ended trimming my shins. Leaving my new thighs as is and I’m probably going to cut the cod and move it up slightly to give a bit of clearance.
  5. Anyone reading this and hoping to trim their thighs watch out. I completely ruined the shape of mine by trimming an equal amount off all the way around the top. I ended up getting some new ones. I’m not sure the best way to do it although troop master’s technique seems a better approach than what I did but I can’t say for sure. Just be careful whatever approach you take. Good luck with your build! I’m surprised you need to trim them with your height. Maybe you have a long torso?
  6. TK - 38405 Reporting for duty. Requesting detachment access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22956
  7. I'm thinking or selling my Jim TKFO kit and Anovos helmet if you would consider that route. I haven't started any work on it so you would need to sand and paint. On the plus side it's basically constructed. Just needs strapping.
  8. How did you go about finding someone to paint it for you? And how much did it cost?
  9. Does the weight of all the electronics at the back pull the helmet back?
  10. Just wanted to get your opinion on strapping material as I have heard two different approaches. Should the material that holds the armour together (the back plate and kidney for example) be nylon webbing or black elastic? I thought nylon webbing but I have heard people say elastic for flexibility. The worry I have is elastic my have too much give and leave extra space between the armour.
  11. I used blu tack which I brought from the uk with me. I'm in Canada now. I got the idea from another thread. It's basically a kind of putty you use to stick posters on the wall. It worked well.
  12. What do you use to trim the thigh cover strip?
  13. The pipe is 7" long but with the caps on it's a bit over 8" as it doesn't fit into the recess of the caps. But it's overall length that matters. Here's my plan. Gonna trim 5mm off each cap (by sanding?) then 10mm off the control panel to bring it down to 120mm. That increases the gap by 10mm on each side. So I trim the pipe by 20mm. Brings the overall length to 190mm with caps on. Gaps will be back to about 15mm each side. Sound good?
  14. Biceps done just need outer cover strips. Looking at forearms now. Also wanted to get started on my TD but wanted to check measurements are ok. CRL says approx length of TD is 7 1/2" is 8" close enough?
  15. That's the one I was going to get! I might return there and use that company name. Did you have to give address? So you don't need an account with them just pay cash I guess. The guy behind the counter didn't like me obviously.
  16. I went into A and G as found something I thought would work. They wouldn't let me buy it as they only sell to business.
  17. Finished plasti dip spray of front of helmet. Any tips about touching up around eyes? Just some black paint? Gluing inner cover strips to both sides of one half of bicep(x2). You reckon 24 hours is enough to let e600 dry before I move on to glue the biceps together? Wasn't sure if 48 hours is standard or 24 is fine.
  18. Neck seal arrived from Darman. Very nice. Have bought under suit from Amazon. Not sure if it's correct material but it's black so should be ok. Still coating helmet with plasti dip. This is going to be a slow build! Difficult to find time with a full time job and kids. Hope to attend local armor party in April. That should speed things up a bit.
  19. I bought one just recently and it fits and looks great.
  20. Quickly assembled the helmet to see what it would look like before I spray it with plasti dip.
  21. So the not as big as I imagined BBB (Mark has good packing skills) arrived last week. I've been collecting my supplies while I wait mainly using an excellent thread that I'm sure a lot of you are using. Supply list for your TK build.... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?/topic/31404-Supply-list-for-your-TK-build%2E%2E%2E%2E Here it is all laid out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Would people advise spraying the plasti dip on the helmet assembled or as two separate pieces. I would have thought you'd get better coverage if it was separated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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