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  1. And now your Training can truely start hehe.. Congrats!
  2. Well i love the old ANH TK's myself but hes got a point The gaffers tape woudl show up pretty big on the new cameras heh. If they had had 3d printing in 76 i'm sure the helmets would have been a little more detailed too. hehe
  3. Well got mad busy and got her done! pretyt happy with how it tuned out. If i had a litte more time i would have been a little more precise on some things but it's gotta go back tomorrow to be shpped to her new home in time for a 14 year old boy to open it on christmas day. Used the helmet pads so i dident have to deal with the heck of the hard hat liner. but i think it turned out pretty good for less than a week (and two lost nights due to Rogue one) She looks good next to some of my other buckets. Allmost hate to see her go heh
  4. Ok i've been busy. I gotta get this done by tomorrow so it can be sent out to the child's parents for Chrismas day.. Two nights of Rogue One slowed me up some (By the way LOVED IT) but this morning. Helmet padding in, Stunt eyes in. Black pain (still needs another coat) and my hovi's are painted and drying. I think i'll knock out the vent stickers in a few then just the hovi's once dryed I'ts not perfect yet. I need to clean up some pain overage (damn blue tape was old or something and dident stick well) but feeling pretty good The ears need scrapeing on the paint stupid tape.. but i'll clean it up more.
  5. Ok fixed up the alighment. and did a little more work on the teeth (not done yet) But Did the ear fight! While it's not as perfect as i would like it to be. My current work schedule and oh there's a certain movie coming out tonight i have to troop i had to get over the perfect helmt ADD i have and realize it's pretty good and as brian says would look great for the 14 year old. So now on to the Paint! Ok more like tomorrow i'lld to teeth painting and vocorder since i'm awiating a new bottle of humbrol black to show up from amazon. And the helmet liners. But feeling pretty good i can have this done by saturday or sunday.
  6. Ok new set orders guaranteed to be here friday hehe .Anyone need extra helmet padding when the original set gets here on the 26th? lol
  7. And of course i just got the alert from Amazon my helmet liners won't be here till week after next.. prime did not work for me this time.. gah Guess i'll look and see if theres an option that can get here this week and order that
  8. Yea i orderd the Army helmet padding kit, same thing i used in my Snowie. That Hard hat liner thig is a pain. Amazon should deliver it tomorrow. heh
  9. Yea i need to do a little more fine detail on the teeth. I actually dident use the scew holes. I eyeballed it a little and see what your saying on the brow. I'l l try to get it more level. Thanks!
  10. So more progress. teeth eyes done. and unforunutly i realize i really dont have time to do the full pain so i had to use the stickers But the ones that come with the AM 2.0 kit are really nice. I will still paint the teeth (i'm going grey since i like ANH better hehe) and the ear pices and vocorder. I have also done a loose fit together. I think it looks pretty good but want other opinions before i go and fight the ear fight. Though they are pretty close to fitting I have not totally tigented up the first two screws. It seems slightly off but at the same time comparing it to my bucket they are all slightly non symmetrical. What do you guys think? Tomorrow i will do the ear fight. Wife went to bed early and i cant use the drill lol And yes i need to sand the teeth a little more. I see that little bit of rough left in the pictures. Your opinions are welcome!
  11. Ok stage one. The obligatory glueing of the back and cap. Since helmets are allways a beast with placement i am going to forgo my useual love of Zap a gap (and maybe mild addiction heh) And e6000 these pieces and give them a day to set. If i get a change i'll dremmel out the Teeth tonight Since i commute 70 miles to work one way (yep i'm nuts) i have limited hours at night to build during the week. I see a telecomutting day coming lol
  12. That is a good call out. Also i'm trying to figure out if that weird bump on the face piece top is supposed to be there or where i should cut it.
  13. Hey gang, long time no build. I have been acting as one of our regional armors for the last few months helping others. But i have now taken on a task for a good cause. A local family has a 14 year old boy who just lost his 16 year old brother to Cancer. And the family said one of the best days was when the 501'st visited the hospital. And the 14 year old has now said his dream is to help other kids like the 501'st did. So someone in our Garrison (not sure what his name is on here but just a truly good person) donated an AM 2.0 kit. And theres been lots of discussions between me and Reston TK and theres no way we can get the kid fitted by Xmas. But Another in our garrison (i really gotta figure out everyones Alias on there) had a great idea to get the helmet built for him to open on Christmas then fit him after. As everyone knows the holidays are crazy. But i have offered to build the helmet asap. Reason i'm starting this post is i need to build it in about a week and fully expect to screw something up or ask questions since i've never build an AM kit. (or just a helmet in this case.) So i'm going to post here so i can get help when needed (since you guys rock and were a huge help on my MTK kit I'll update as i go on. Its a little daunting hoping ot get this built by next weekend and still working full time this week! But i'm sure with you're help i'll get it done!
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