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  1. This is good to know, I been wanting to redo my thighs for my anovos kit and finding replacements is difficult to do
  2. A member in my squad has his clipped onto his belt on his hip/side.
  3. Not at all, that person make very low quality stuff and heard possibly recasted. It would take a long amount of time to get it to work and by then might not still be able to be approved
  4. Thats great to hear, I have heard that it is very durable, which is something I'm looking for in a new kit. You know how rough troops can be lol. From the looks of it, walts ab/cod piece looks taller than my anovos which would work great for my body being 6'2. Tricky thing with the anovos for me was that I had to completely flatten the back straps to get it to all fit right, but the cod rides up high on me sometimes which isnt too fun. WTF might be the way to go for my next kit
  5. Was looking to see what others thought of WTF armor and you're all experience using this kit. I'm a member of WTF facebook group and are considering using his kit for my next TK. My anovos is starting to crack and is a tad short in the ab/cod area , Im 6'2 with a longer torso for the average trooper. Looking for something that is more durable than the anovos and will fit me better with my height. Thanks
  6. I have been considering getting a new set of armor, I'm about the same size 6'1 and around 200lbs. I hear that AM and RT_mod are good kits for taller troopers and want one to fit me better than the anovos I have. A member in my squad has an AM kit and it about my height and it looks really good. Starting to lean that way for my next kit
  7. I think the anovos set was very decent for the price that i was able to get in on at their first tier pricing. But wish it would fit a little better , the cod rides up a little high on me and can be uncomfortable as you imagine lol. A man from my squad who is about the same height as myself has an AM kit and fits him well and looks really good, so when I decide to replace this set I'll look into that or the RT-Mod they seem to be the best bet for taller guys , I'm not a huge expert on the armor types and their characteristics tbh.
  8. seems like it, any experts know what would be best suited for me? AP, ATA, ? problem with anovos is that the ab is a tad short for me and had straighten out the back straps to fit together well
  9. Im 6'1 about 200lbs. my body type is slim/slender, and have a longer torso than others, I'm looking to replace my anovos set with somehting more sturdy/thicker and will fit my body better, my squad mate has AM armor that looks really nice, sounds like from the armor types that perhaps AM or RT-mod would be the best fit for myself?
  10. I seen that a blaster is required for approval in EIB, I just got one of hyperfirms b grade e-11s , besides adding a D- ring is the rest of it accurate?
  11. I was reading over the requirements but had a few questions that came to mind, are the latex handguards required for EIB? and the mic tips need to possibly be replaced? The screws for the TD I'm thinking might need to be replaced , thought maybe the ones provided aren't correct. Anyone that has made there Anovos kit meet EIB?
  12. Was wondering what modifications would be need to be made to an Anovos kit to make it meet EIB requirements Thanks TK-40212
  13. Tk 40212 requesting 501st access. Thank you http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21468
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