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  1. Just my 2 cents: For added clarification and easy building I find important to have a Heavy Weapons Trooper Battlefront 2004/2005 (the existing one) and then the future Weapons Trooper Battlefront 2017. If the differences of the expected new character aren't that much maybe the current category could only have the additional features of the 2017 HWT (new weapons, new backpack, etc) like the IOC has done with the Rogue One ISB officer - they kept the ISB Officer entry but with a Rogue One add-on (3 changes versus the OT ISB officer).
  2. I'm currently building an ANH TK that I'm planning to add a HWT variant with of course the current CRL backpack that I also expect not to have more changes... I like the idea of this systematization proposed. It's like some movies with the same title...they distinguish them by years and I believe that is easier to understand which type we'll want to pick up to build.
  3. What a lucky guy...In the gap time while searching for backpack items and MP40 pouches sellers the CRL changed and now I have bought 4 canvas pouches (they only sell a pair and I want to use three...) that I've no use for. I agree with leather pouches but it could be a L2 and above thing. Canvas should be alright for basic approval. In an electronic game small item textures are not that cared of and they could change form one perspective to another. As to say it looks like leather, but a good black canvas its also a good option.
  4. Hola Javi, Nice build and parts showing. I have a question. How much liters has the oil pan?
  5. Requesting access TR-25828 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23489
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