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  1. Where did you find the harness? Or did you make the whole thing?
  2. Forgive me if it was already mentioned, I searched and didn't find it. Does "rubber like material" for the gaskets mean we could use fabric?
  3. I confirmed with a fellow trooper the TFA helmet has bubbled lenses, the one from Anovos at least. Can anyone advise if these can easily be made or if you've seen some for sale? Asking Anovos is not an option as this is for a helmet that will be offered in runs. Also couldn't be sure the Anovos lenses would even fit.
  4. Maybe I missed it, what is your new method of sewing gaskets? I can't tell by your picture. Fantastic build thread btw!
  5. I know a lot of people have already requested these gloves. I'm one of the 30 for the boots (Joe M) so I'm hoping I can snag these gloves at the same time to save on shipping. Size XL. I will look out for the sales thread.
  6. Yeah I knew that. This is the same helmet I'm looking at. I was trying to see if you were also buying this in hopes that an armor kit comes out or if you just wanted to collect the helmet.
  7. Please add me - TB-27470 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18750
  8. Are there any solid leads on armor? I see helmets, boots, gloves, but no armor or under suit. This is my next build so long as I can get my hands on parts.
  9. As mentioned, you'll find everything you need on bikerscout.net. I just finished my TB so if you have questions you can PM me.
  10. Steve, Are you planning to build the entire suit or are you just building the helmet?
  11. Krista - that makes sense, however, I'm hoping that's not the case. Thanks for the input.
  12. You mentioned the kit would be from "whomever" then you mentioned the bondo stuff. Do you anticipate that fan-made armor would require bondo? Not just a trim/paint/glue? I know it's all speculation.. I would also add to go ahead and acquire ANY parts you can. I'm ordering my shoes soon, followed by helmet and maybe gloves. This is all in hopes that fan-made armor comes out.
  13. I spoke with Artisan FX props and the V3 version will be better. I believe they will be adding the netting in the mouth area. It's still being designed so no timing as of yet. I'll be picking one up as soon they become available so I'll post detailed pictures. If for some reason it doesn't meet 501st requirements down the road then I'll sell it. It will be a start to my build.
  14. Not sure if the chrome trooper has the same armor. Definitely a different helmet.
  15. Hopefully the v3 version will add the mesh to the mouth area. I'm still waiting on the armor.. does anyone have any leads on fan made armor??
  16. When you want $2500 for yours ping me 😄
  17. They just sent you that? Forward to me I'll take it!
  18. I get the whole "bad for 501st image" to sell it so quickly, and I agree, but how much were the kits to those 75? Like $2000? Yes, $4500 seems high and a crazy price to spend on a suit, but given the cost of the armor plus man hours for building (looks to be intense from build threads) plus the fact that you can't get the kit until late Q4/early Q1, I think his price is just a little higher than what I would expect for a ready to wear suit but not entirely far off. For anyone who has this suit and wants to sell it, supply and demand is in your favor. Again, I don't agree that he took to eBay to sell it and feel he should have done so on this forum.
  19. You should just sell it to me. But really, cool build thread. Looking forward to your progress.
  20. I don't see any mention of the Artisan FX Props TFA helmet. When looking at close ups it doesn't have some of the same details as the Anovos helmet, but has the same overall shape as far as I can see. There is also a guy selling one on ebay right now.
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