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  1. In other words, "only for our exclusive group, not for you peasants"
  2. So I understand there is a TFA racing shirt. How can we non-Anovos guys get in on that?
  3. No, but I post in the Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/560958490742724/
  4. Forgot to post this here.. This is a stress test on some scrap bicep material. In case you were wondering
  5. What paint are you using? I tried the below paint and so far it came out a little darker than the standard line helmet. http://www.lowes.com/pd_283716-90-212682_0__?productId=3030334&store_code=1807&cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-Paint-_-SprayPaint-_-3030334:Rust-Oleum&CAWELAID=&kpid=3030334&CAWELAID=1220891316&k_clickID=9316cbc6-34d5-4b4b-b452-5eb342da1571
  6. So I actually came on here just now looking for the person who is also using this helmet and Jim's armor. I have the standard line helmet and testing out paints that will match. So far I've only tested this paint last night, 2 coats, and today I checked and it did not come out as white as the helmet. Maybe because my primer is gray? Before I left today I wet sanded and added an additional coat so we'll see. http://www.lowes.com/pd_283716-90-212682_0__?productId=3030334&store_code=1807&cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-Paint-_-SprayPaint-_-3030334:Rust-Oleum&CAWELAID=&kpid=3030334&CAWELAID=1220891316&k_clickID=9316cbc6-34d5-4b4b-b452-5eb342da1571
  7. BE CAREFUL SANDING FIBERGLASS. Make sure you use a proper respirator and gloves! I have fiberglass all in my hand after sanding a few parts.
  8. I painted a FO helmet and those areas came out bad for me. I recommend to keep on trying with the stickers! Oh and I received my Jim armor yesterday! The box was roughed up badly but luckily the only damage was to the TD, which should be easily fixed with bondo.
  9. Are you going to cut out the holes on the chest or paint them?
  10. I have a 2013 Honda Civic sedan and I use the below chest for my TK which will fit in my trunk. A fellow trooper uses this chest so I went ahead and bought it, surprisingly I could fit everything except for my helmet (which I carry in a separate bag). You have to put everything in clam shell style with the thighs and all arms in side of it. Buy it, keep the receipt, and take it back if it doesn't work. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-35-in-Mobile-Job-Box-222167/205053257
  11. Looking forward to your progress! I just sent my deposit to Jim and now in line for casting. I think this would be the first build thread of Jim's armor right? <br><br> I'm also going with the standard line Anovos helmet.
  12. I'm looking to buy one, do you recommend it? I can't find a review post on here. Seems like a great option for a completed helmet that's not fiberglass for trooping.
  13. Anthony - my brown box of AM just came in yesterday as well! Might be the same run. I'll try to post up any tricks or tips from my build. I just started on the helmet tonight.
  14. All finished! Although, my painting is far from perfect, but it gets the job done.
  15. The ridges look spaced too far apart (and it's a kids jacket), but here's one for thinking outside the box.. -------------
  16. Here's a link to his helmet build thread: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=239124 Here's the armor thread: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=240061
  17. I was able to get my hands on one of the first MLC TFA stormtrooper helmets (fiberglass). You can see his build threads over on the rpf along with his armor, user mlcallanta. The kit comes with the greeblies separate from the helmet for better painting and it also comes with a mesh screen. Lenses weren't included so those will be ordered soon. The quality is fantastic which is usually the case with MLC's products. I think this is the best looking fan made helmet in terms of having more of that duck look. I'll update the thread as I finish this thing off! Here is a shot of a helmet Mardon finished:
  18. Has anyone looked into sluice matting? This is used for gold mining to help trap the gold. I've talked to 2 sellers and explained our application, they both said the "rubber is flexible." I have one seller sending me a sample. Maybe if not better than Anovos, it could be used for other TFA TK kits. http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-8927086896656_2270_42223639
  19. Has anyone found corrugated rubber sheets that would work? Most seem too thick.
  20. That could be said about the Anovos TFA kit and their bubbled lenses. If the current TFA troopers can use non-screen accurate boots, why couldn't I use flat lenses? The supplier of bubbled lenses is a single source who can't keep up with demand. The classic TK boots are simply not screen accurate, just as flat lenses are not screen accurate. I'm not trying to convince anyone to allow flat lenses, I'm just working through the flawed reasoning. I get that folks with the Anovos kit want to troop, but I have a hard time feeling bad that they didn't sign up in time for Francois' boots or have to wait just a little longer to receive their boots. I also don't see anything wrong with his boots, if at least for level 1. If the CRL is based off the only current available kit (Anovos), then why not the boots? Sure, there might be some delays with Francois' boots, but there's even more delays with the Anovos TFA kit.
  21. Have all the trailer shots proved they all have bubbled lenses? Unless the classic TK bubbled lenses fit, this will be a pain point for fan-made helmets. Maybe we could also use the term "Flat lenses are acceptable until reliable sources for bubbled lenses become available." ? For the boots, shouldn't this be removed? We already have several suppliers for boots. Personally it makes me cringe when I see a TFA trooper with classic TK boots. The TFA trooper overall looks chunky which looks great with the new boots. The classic TK is more slender so narrow boots fit perfect. Swapping these look terrible (IMHO).
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