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  1. Thread Necromancy I was able to track down some replacement spat, thank you for the reply. New issue: I haven't been able to track down "reasonably" priced chrome for the TLJ CRL so I have decided to switch to the TFA build. As I understand it the difference in the kits are the finger covering and boot plates only, is this correct? And does anyone have a source for these pieces preferrably in the US?
  2. Hey all, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I am ready to have my phasma (Jim's) kit chromed but in packages the pieces for shipment I realized I am missing a piece. It is the front spat for the boots. Anyone know where I can get a replacement quickly or even have a 3d print file of this piece???? Help me WhiteArmor you're my only hope.
  3. Well the day has arrived BBB day. The kit has arrived now the fun begins. This is my first build and I am new to fiberglass so gonna take it extra slow and any advice is welcome. Like where to start...lol. Build List: Bucket: Jimmi Armor: Jimmi Boots: TBD Gloves: Nomex Flight Gloves Neck Seal: Ordered from Geeky Pink Gaskets: Order from Geeky Pink Under Suit: TBD Cape: TBD Belts: Ordered Belts of the First Order Blaster: TBD Extras: Acker 1505
  4. Do you mind sharing the circumference of the Abdomen section of Jimmi;s kit? As I understand it from the CRL this section must wrap (and seal) completely around the midsection.
  5. Do you mind sharing the circumference of the Abdomen section of Jimmi;s kit?
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