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  1. Hallo Hans Jürgen, Willkommen im FISD! Great to see another member from Germany here Since you are already a member of the 501st, be sure to get your 501st Status here at the forum. Your first step, introducing yourself, is done. Now you have to decide, which Stormtrooper you want to build. Just check out the different sections and have fun! Grüße Felix
  2. Welcome to the FISD and have fun Gesendet von meinem ONE E1003 mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi Marcos, welcome to the FISD! Be sure to claim your TK Status, so you have access to the 501st area. Have fun here
  4. Congrats! Welcome to the FISD and have a lot of fun here
  5. Congratulations! Welcome to the RotJ Crew!
  6. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Have you already requested your TK-Status?
  7. Lol, I actually realised, your thread started in 2009. Credits to Paul, these ideas are really great. Can you lower your back plate a few cm more? When wearing your helmet it should still look fine and you have an extra cover for some black.
  8. Wishing you good luck for your application! You look really neat, I have got to say. EIB is not a big efford to reach with your armor. We need more RotJs there
  9. The undersuit is a case of personal preference. Some troopers use a 1-piece, others use a 2-piece suit. As long as it is black and has no logos etc. visible, they are good. For myself I wear a 2-piece with a bodyfit shirt and leggins (is that the English word? I don't know).
  10. Welcome! I wish you the best for your upcoming career
  11. I really like your build. Keep going!
  12. Hey there August, I'm sorry nobody answered you, I guess we RotJ are still quite shy To answer your question, your rivet hole is nearly in the middle of your ammo belt, so you should have plenty of room left in the upper left. If you have any excess ABS, you can mix it with some acetone and carefully fill your hole with this mass. Bondo sounds like a good idea, too, but watch out if the color fits in with the rest of your armor. All in all, I really like where this is finally going. Nice helmet!
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