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  1. do you mean this http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_incinerator lots of differences to ANH. construction and strapping differences could probably be worked round, but the butt/kidney section in ROTJ is one piece as well as the cod/abdomen, and the buttons are a different way up, so depends on how your local guy forms them I guess. No return edges on everything and white trim round the body sections.
  2. Andy often seems to be tweaking and improving his moulds. It's nice stuff. I've had a couple of his lids.
  3. congrats dude. feels good doesn't it.
  4. TK28575 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19278
  5. Cleared with the UKG today. Wooo
  6. well it's been a long time, but at last I have a blaster so hopefully I can get my 501st clearance now. One of CFO's new kits. It went together nicely and is heavier than I expected which is nice.
  7. extra straps = hand guards to forearm forearm to bicep I haven't used them on mine so far.
  8. i've seen the legs (thighs at least) done both ways.. you get more material to play with gluing inner over outer on most parts to larger troopers need to glue them the other way..
  9. I'd still test fit. I couldn't trim all the excess material from my forearms or biceps.. if I had done they wouldn't have fit. and all the arm bits are the same.. no left or right.
  10. and you can see how different the armour looks to the boots too. when I saw that though I thought the forearms looked like they'd been shimmed.
  11. No problem. that's what I had confirmed with the UK Garrison armourers.
  12. Vocoder and frown = semi gloss The buttons for ROTJ should be gloss black with the bottom 3 midnight blue. Ears gloss grey and gloss black same as ANH
  13. I've noticed that in direct sunlight the trim is less noticeably different, I know you took some pics outside, but they were in fairly dark shade. Could be worth a try.
  14. it's starting to look real good. most people seem to get bored well before this point, are you going to be slush casting this eventually? you could just glue a strip of rubber along the brow line. I've seen it done on slush cast helmets and it looks fine.
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