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    FISD Chatbox?

    Chat is blocked at work for me... so, yeah. But I like your thinking!
  2. I am completely envious of their Maternity Leave allocation, both paid and unpaid time. Additionaly, Austria is like in the top 5 in best places for Breastfeeding support. Oh. and mountains.
  3. Looking great! I am working on my AP kit too! Cant wait to see your progress Darren!
  4. Okay. that makes sense. and seeing a visual helps a lot. I have a lot to consider on how to proceed. Thanks for the share! Helps me a lot!
  5. This is such a great thread! I cannot wait until my little girl is big enough to troop! Thanks for the share! Your girl is adorable!
  6. Here's the start of my disco helmet Its an ATA helmet next to my AP helmet
  7. Thank you for the suggestion! I need to really focus on doing squats! HAHA Could you post a picture of how you did yours? Eventually, yes EIB and beyond lol
  8. Ha! I highly doubt a full disco trooper is in my future. Rhinestones are not inexpensive. The chest and back are connected via white elastic so the back straps are laying free. I can easily pull the chest down/back up to fit better. Putting armor on solo is no easy feat. I know you think you extensive modifincations are needed.... but really..... Only things I had to alter were the thighs, took an inch off the kideny, an inch off the forearms, brought in the uppper arms a couple inches, and took approx an inch off the cod. Which was way less than I anticipated. I played soccer from youth through college. My bottom and legs are not as slender as most--- as you can tell lol, but I have not ran into too many roadblocks with getting my armor to fit my size. the biggest issue you will run into, when you cut your thighs, like me, you will trim from the top down, causing the wider top area to become the narrow mid thigh piece. SUCKS! Hello shims, ammiright? Also, you should probably do whatever your wife tells you.... happy wife, happy life. Of course, I youtubed that song. Its like youre trying to speak to me... I just know it.... I usually put on Pandora, because I can totally hear the music over the sound of my dremel HAHA My top stations are: "Lomax" "Fink" "Today's Country"
  9. Lastly, I tried everything on for a quick fit..... -Yes, I know the upped arms are on wrong, I couldnt keep them up any other way without them pinching -Yes, I still need to figure out my thighs lol -Yes, I have not cut my kidney and butt yet -Yes, I have not added covering strips -Yes, I heated and bent the read in, cups a lot better.
  10. Update. Bend in my belt. Bending my shoulders straps Bent and sanded the battery pack Okay so..... I cut my cod....................... Back Front Added ABS paste to both sides..... waiting to sand it down this weekend.
  11. Great work! I've been following your progress on IG!
  12. I'm definitely open to options. I need those to close haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Haha you're probably the first person to ever notice my username is my name spelled backward. My butt has never looked so happy LOL I see what you are saying. I might be able to do that. Especially if I lower the rear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Okay. So. The amror. I am only 5ft2in. I had to trim down significant amount off the thighs. By trimming from the top down, I slimmed down the top (the largest portion of the thigh). They are not closing entirely. Are my only two options: Shims or Gym? They extent from my thigh/pelvic crease to the top of my knee in the front.. The back of the shins are sitting directly under my bottom. (And I am not sure why the angle of this picture makes the <- right thigh look like its cut funny.) I am just holding the rear/kidney piece in "place". It doesnt "tuck" under or "cup" my bottom at all. The shins fit fine without any additonal trimming. Ignor the fact that they are not closed/lined up correctly. Its hard to do without assistance.
  15. So, I am just going to do a quick photo dump. Sorry in advance for such large photos. I am at work and all photohosting sites are restricted. I have been tracking my progress via Instagram and Facebook. Added the Velcro to my shins. I will go back and do the hook attachment at a later date. The start of my Canvas belt. Approx 1/4 inch hem 3 inches wide. Attached the Velcro with E6000, I will go back and sew the Velcro on. Neck Seal. Neck Seal without the bib. Ribs of the neck seal. Neck Seal with Helmet.
  16. I am 5'2". I cut my thighs down from the top. I pulled them up to were the should fit at the top and measured from my knee up. Example, they were 2.5 inches too long past my knee, so I drew a line 1" from the top, along the natural curvature. Cut it. Test fit it, took another inch off. Fit it. Took 1/2 inch off from the top front and back, left the sides alone. Fit great now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Glad I am not the only one lol I was thinking the same thing.... and I searched a million pictures, checking out the cheeck gap for reference LOL As I start getting things assembled, Ill post pictures.
  18. I have all the pieces trimmed and cut to size... and I am going to start assembling tonight. I am having a bit of a problem with my bottom size of the armor... either my butt is too big and hangs out the bottom, or piece itself is too small... obviously the latter.
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