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  1. it depends on which scene,,there is some scenes where the TKs have a burst and then sometimes just the click and sometimes nothing,,,same with the TDs...back to the point..i dont believe it would be hard at all to convert it over for your bucket .
  2. hey whitecommando sorry to hear your leaving the TDs,,,just wondering if want to sell any of your TD stuff,,please pm me,thanks.. sorry guys not trying to dethread here, cheers dan
  3. what!!! no imperial march or cantina song for us..haha..i kid,,awesome licks man,,we should jam,,and yes go EVH with that bad boy.
  4. i saw you in the pics from ECCC but didnt get a good look,,these pics are great,,awesome job and i wish i could have seen it in person,,maybe next year....way to go walter.,,by the way ,how hard was it to stick that vinyl on the front of your bucket and other curved parts without creases ??? cheers dan
  5. hey jim do you have a thread on here that shows your throat mic set up???? to me that is the most accurate i have heard.... cheers dan
  6. check out Kiyotei's thread on this if you can dig it up,,its a throat mic but sounds dead on.
  7. here is my star destroyer,,454BB,with a few extras,,6 - 15in subs with over 1000watts ,, on 22s..oh yeah
  8. you to paul..and to everyone as well..happy turkey day.. cheers dan
  9. i am a TD and was wondering if this would come up.......in the future i might go clean and was thinking that it would be easy""maybe "" to do that option in the romfx>>>i am a proud owner of one and i think its worth the $ you pay for>>>>> hence forth,,i would not doubt that option will be around in the future.. cheers dan
  10. this is great news rob,,i cant wait till the beginning of next year to upgrade my fx to RT to go along with the bucket i got from you,,which i love..thanks for the update. cheers dan
  11. here ya go,,i used this set up before i got the ROMFX which is the best out there in my opinion ,,with the help of the guys on here this is how i did it. this amp. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...rentPage=search do this mod to it that way you dont have to use a powered mic wire it up to some Stomper hovis in the bucket while using a good mic ,for like a PC or music headset. there is also a cheaper way of doing this with a wally world kids toy voice changer that Smitty on here goes in to great detail how to rig it up on the cheap.. like i said,,this was just a temp for me but worked really well when i had it in,,hope this helps cheers dan
  12. thats looking killer bro,great job,,way better that i couldve done,glade it got there in one piece and that it got put together instead of just sitting in the garage...great job. cheers dan
  13. this is the mini speaker/amp i am talking about. it fits in my chest plate with no prob,,i also agree with mike on the amp on the belt,it just doesnt look good to me..plus if its coming from behind the armor it will take on a more realistic effect.. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...oductId=2062620
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