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  1. Hi there, http://triktoys.com/shop/catalog/product_i...?products_id=76 So has anyone actually purchased this? Anyone know what it is? Nine bucks a pop isnt all that bad, but who knows what it could be. For all I know it could be a big 'ol ball of condesned monkey dung XD Just curious, Ryan
  2. Im very sorry to hear of your loss. And I wish I had more to say to help you cope...but all I can offer are my appologies. If there is ever anything you need. Advice. Anything. Please let us know. My prayers are with you, Ryan
  3. Hi there, I too had a concern as to which undersuit to wear. I would like something thats breathable, yet is purely opaque. But also something similar to a unitard that is worn in one piece, as opposed to two separate "Underarmor", or the like, brand gear. Price really isn't that much of an issue (within reason). I did see the "Dive Skin" type suits. How well does this material breath, and how does it compare to your typical compression Underarmor? Does anyone have a suggestion? Or a referal based on previous trooping knowledge? Much appreciated, Ryan
  4. Woah! These are some brilliant interiors. I'll definatley have to keep this thread in mind when I finally crack out my FX bucket. But in the meantime, does anyone have a cheap yet effective means of padding they recommend? Thanks, Ryan
  5. This is inccredible! Very nice job, you truely are talented. I sure wish I had one of these growing up XD. Ryan
  6. A small town called Union. About 45 min from Chicago.
  7. Hi there, I have a request for a amp/speaker system tutorial if there is one available. I know TK1536 used to have one but the link to the tutorial on his site (www.tk1536.com) seems to broken or out dated. If anyone knows a tutorial reguarding the amp/speaker system I would much appreciate it Also I have few questions. I have a little experience wiring electronics but im still in the dark. Why does one need both the amp system and the speaker system? Does the amp system create the standard static burst often heard from stormtroopers? I was hoping to install the mic/speaker system all in the helmet (I've seen really effective setups behind the chest, but Id rather keep it all compact). I plan to install the speakers behind the aerators. But in most pictures it shows the powered mic, the speakers in the aerators, but also the amp system. Is this completely necessary? And in the case that both the amp and speakers are needed, can anyone suggest a good amp system. Thanks a bunch, Ryan
  8. Hi there, Thanks to everyone who responded. You've all been a great help . I will definatley paint the buttons as close as possible. And as for the size issue, I think I'll just sand them down to spec. Thanks again for all your help Ryan
  9. (Sorry I just now realized that this probably should have been placed under "Kit modification and painting")
  10. Hi there, So I have found an FX kit which I think I'm gonna go with and now I've hit that panic stage where I realize I have consulted half as much resources as I should have, heh. My question is: are the buttons on the abdominal plate meant to be black? Or a combination of grey and blue as seen in the picture. I know most FX kits come with just flat gloss black and most wear them that way. But would it be more screen accurat to pain them as seen? Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Although it is an actuall movie screenshot the modified picture belongs to TK300 of http://www.tonybarnett.plus.com (who, by the way, has numerous great tutorials on armor assembly). Thanks in advance, Ryan
  11. Hey all. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I actually just found a pretty good FX kit so hopefully I'll have that up and running and I'll be trooping in no time! I look forward to seeing all of you trooping around! Ryan
  12. Overall very nice. Just a few things tho...its seems like the thigh pieces could be a bit higher. Also the codpiece may be sitting a bit to low. To fix this you may want to split the codpiece and front abdomin pieces, trim a bit off the top of the codpiece, then reattach it to the front abdominal piece using nylon webbing or something. But overall it looks good
  13. Hi there, I'm a bit of a newbie here, but have had a while to contemplate and pool my resources. Even still I have a few questions for some of the more seasoned troopers (bear with me if all these questions seem redundant...I'm sure you hear these all the time, heh). First off, I have taken into consideration the pros and cons of the FX armor. And as a first-time trooper I think FX may be the way to go until I come across money enough to get a set of AP or TE2 armor. With that said I still need to find a place to buy my FX armor. I know "where to buy" posts aren't really smiled apon but I thought since this thread is more so a collaboration of questions rather than just a straight out question I might get an answer or two. With that said does anyone have a refutable site from which I could buy a durable yet not so pricy set of FX armor (perhaps you could PM me? ). Also, I know prices aren't allowed in posts so If someone could be so kind as to PM me exactly what I'm looking at price wise that would be <i>much<i> appreciated! Also, In my constant journey to pool resources I am always open to tips so if you have any you like to share, I'm all ears . Hopefully I'll get my armor banged out just in time for ACEN but we'll see how that goes Thanks a bunch everyone, Ryan
  14. Hi there, Well where to start...I'm Ryan. I'm from a small town in Illinois and have been a Star-Wars fanatic for....well...as long as I can remember. I have a bit of prop replica background and have toured forums such as the PVC Blaster Builders Club, The Dented Helmet and many others. Interests? Anime, sci-fi, music and other fine arts, digital arts, basically anything that would tickle a nerd's fancy heheh. After a few years of contemplating I have finally decided to invest in my own set of Stormtrooper armor. Hopefull I will get my FX suit soon and get it banged out in time for this upcomming ACEN. This past year or so I have pooled together references for my suit and hopefully they will make for an excelent build. Not much else to say, I guess. If I didn't cover anything feel free to contact me, I'm always up for a good chat with a fellow trooper Ryan
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