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  1. hey that’s my photo! look mom, my photo made the newsletter!!
  2. or we could still does not say anything so we don’t ruin the magic
  3. it was said at this point in the timeline the empire is dismembered & what you see this the loyal that is left.
  4. stunt men were in the RO TK’s & Death Troopers. we were all the rest (not dead on the floor :p )
  5. there was 32 from the Legion. Southern Cal. Central Cal. & Golden Gate Garrisons answered the call.
  6. not at all, ships, vehicles & weapons are usually my faves too!
  7. this guy was a stuntman, not a legion member
  8. LA County. but we had troopers from all over California, Golden Gate, Central & So Cal Garrison's are represented!
  9. female troopers have always been canon actually the feel of the set, the actors / extras & the crew was amazing! the extras actually came up to us with questions
  10. I've got everyone's names & that's in the works.... ssshhhh
  11. I know Clint was working on the CRL should be up soon.
  12. If they are "recruiting them from kids" I don't think it matters what size you are...
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