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  1. Yes i think so. Shoot me your email. Ill send you the information.
  2. Hey everyone, Walt Trooper Factory is giving away a Santa Trooper for anyone that Donates to Toys for Tots. For details on how this will work go to our facebook post. https://www.facebook.com/groups/waltstrooperfactory/permalink/1788061867972692/ This post has been approved. Thank You.
  3. Love this. I'm just starting to do research on making a Garindan. Can i ask where you got your mask or how you did it?
  4. Thanks. It was a fun build. Mostly just have it for display now. But i have been thinking of designing some different sabers to fit PVC Pipe. Heres a photo of the 3d design and a video for for other people to check out.
  5. Took a little time out to work on this. Not sure why it wont let me post the images sorry. I think i got the images fixed now.
  6. Thanks just stuff i look putting together. Wish i had more time to work on things. check out my site. https://www.blockaderunnersupply.com/ Those are good photos i think they will help. Yeah shot me a PM with his email ill see if i can get some from him as well.
  7. I think it would be cool to see some more as well. side track here a little but is that ROTJ TK armor with a different chest plate? I could easily modify my chest box to work with this as well. (linked Below) Alan I could probably 3d design one to fit but i would need a lot more measurements to make sure it fit correctly. Especially the top portion where it would have to fit around the tubes and line up on the edging. If you can get me those i can see what i can do. Ill look into some reference photos and see if i can get some more details as well.
  8. I do everything from the ground up to be 3d printed. What part exactly are you needing to be designed. I have a couple projects that need to be completed here soon but once those are off my plate ill have time to do this Pack.
  9. I might have to jump on this. I have done a few other 3d designs and packs. I just made this jump pack not to long ago. Check out some of the other ones i have done. https://imgur.com/a/XseVf
  10. It might be easier to start a new one. Lots of good information could be consolidated and start out fresh.
  11. Im requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25523 IG-51285 Thank you
  12. It would be nice if these forums would open up to uploading photos. It looks like you have to pay for 3rd party? What are you guys doing for work arounds?
  13. So this is a 3d Printed saber i designed. I bought some extra electronics from Kyberlight and instilled them inside. Not the best looking thing but i think it will do the trick. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBlockadeRunnerSupply/permalink/1835998933319911/
  14. you could power 12v fans with a 5v power bank but you're not going to get very good results and possible damage the blowers over time. The best way to think of voltage as amount of force you're putting on something. Too much and you will break it not enough and it won't work right. there is voltage regulators you can get but the best option would be to just to find matching voltage fans. This forum has lots of information on building USB Fans. If you need a little more one on one help shoot me a PM on facebook. ill be more then willing to help you out. I have been building USB fan setups and other electronics for a number of years now i think i could do it blindfolded haha. https://www.facebook.com/mattnelson521
  15. Yes that should work. On a 2 fan system you would get about 6hours of run time give or take.
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