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  1. No such luck. They have a load of abs paste behind them. A lot of cutting and dremel sanding ahead. But hey, this close to my dream, I'm not stopping now!
  2. Yeah, it looks like the original owner shimmed the front much wider, almost 2in. I'm working up the guts to cut that off and size them back down. It's so weird that almost all the rest of the armor is fine, but the thigh pieces, they went crazy on.
  3. Hey folks, Recently I purchased a 3rd gen set of armor that I'm hoping will finally get me to my dream of 501st membership. The original owner had apparently trooped at one time but then just mounted it on a mannequin and the 2nd owner never got around to doing anything with it. So far I have most of the upper torso cleaned up and mounted with a new snaps/elastic system. Still need to replace the nylon connection (back to chest) and put shims in because it's safe to say the original owner was skinnier. The part that has me really hung up currently is the state of the thighs, particularly the right with the ammo belt. I still need to pull off all the velcro and start cleaning it up, but the shaping seems off to me and when I try to envision the fix, the whole rotation seems off. Could you folks take a look and see if you can point me in the right direction of what changes need to happen to it. If more photos would be helpful, let me know. Thanks. EDIT: I think I've figured it out. In order for this to be mounted on the mannequin, the back was cut open, Velcro applied and it was folded over itself to close. I've removed all of the Velcro and am using ABS scrap and E6000 to mend the cuts. I will probably also need to do ABS paste or tub & tile filler to clean up any remaining gaps. Still doesn't solve the mystery of the only placed ammo rivet holes, but I'll solve that when these are whole again.
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