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  1. The Star Wars Battlefront games gave the title "Bantha Fodder" to whoever died the most during the match. It makes me think of "that guy" on the team, the one trooper who's so incompetent it's a wonder he's still alive. Survives things like orbital strikes and wookie attacks, but trips over a rock because his helmet's foggy. I like that "idiot savant" trope and thought the best time to personify it would be when I'm anonymous It'll make for good fun once my armor comes in.
  2. I've heard Blastercores are pretty nice for adding lights and sounds to the blaster, but is there anything else? I've got a DLT-19 coming in and I want to give it the works. Lights coming out of the vent holes and barrel, sounds, hold the trigger for "automatic fire", anything to make it more realistic. Do you guys have any ideas or recommendations? Thanks troops
  3. Long live the Empire!!
  4. Man that is a dream come true, let me tell you. Very jealous
  5. About to purchase a set and the only difference I can imagine would be sharper pulls on the 1.5 mm suit. I know I'm missing something though. Do the vets have any advice? Does one retain it's shape better over time or is one easier to use a heat gun on? Thanks you, guys
  6. Same price as Dave. It should arrive this week, but likely a bit later since it has to cross an ocean to get here. The seller is good about replying on time and keeping you up to date on the progress. Pretty reliable guy.
  7. The more troops in Houston, the better! Welcome to the forum!
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