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  1. I thought about doing this, but didn't like the idea of the straps being visible if I were to shake someones hand or something. I went with the industrial sticky velco, it adhered to my glove like no-ones business and to the inside of the guard. Didn't move at all when I wore it out to take my kids trick-or-treating. Still stuck like glue, takes a lot of coaxing to get it off. Either ways works.. DD.
  2. Yah. It actually should sit higher, but is a little loose and moves around a little. I'll give this a try. I used a rivet on the other side, but ended up messing up the inner hole and had to MacGyver a quick fix (used some type of post screw I found in my garage). Thanks everyone. Its been a long process trying to get it right, for a FX suit. I'm going to tackle some of the other mods proposed (i.e. chest trim), to make it look a little closer to screen. Either that or sell one of my children for a screen accurate suit. One day. Thanks again, I'll post more later this weekend.. DD.
  3. Okay. 6 months in the making. Still have some tweaking, but its basically done. MRCE Modded Helmet FX headless My own canvas belt Caboots Tandy buttons Need to make the holster still. I'll have some more pics later, just wanted to get this posted. Will probably end up painting the armour to match the bucket colour (Fusion white) thanks.... DD.
  4. I just finished my side gaps over the weekend. I used the ABS that came with my FX suit, was enough here as I made a canvas belt. Question, I used velcro on the ABS to keep it in place, is that okay? I've noticed that some use rivets, but some have not. I guess I could just place the rivets on the abs/kidney pieces for show? As for the snug fit when the gaps are filled, makes it fit like a glove. I used the back support method to attach the abs and kidney plate, the side gaps give that extra 'not going anywhere' feel. I'll be submitting photos soon enough of my own build for everyones appraisal. Just have a few more things to do (paint abs buttons, finish MRCE helmet liner and CO canister). Cheers. DD.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but what a piece of crap. Local Halloween shop had it on display...It took everything in me not to burst out laughing. I'm a noob, but putting together the FX (yes, I know not the best example of TK armour) and being on this forum has made my eye critical. It just looks all wrong and the way they put it on the mannequin. Looked all disproportionate and odd. I'm sorry for the poor sap that buys it thinking they are getting the real deal. DD.
  6. Did this mod myself a few weeks ago. Works well, just make sure you upsize the belt you are getting as these are meant to support your back when picking up heavy objects. So constant wear is not recommended, that way it isn't putting too much stress on the back (plus you don't want to feel like you are sucking in your gut constantly). I've tied in the garters for the thighs as suggested and seem to work, however I may change from elastic to webbing, the thighs bounce too much still. Good mod though. DD.
  7. I agree with Noel, and accuracy aside. It isn't about the time and effort..if it was, why is everyone assembling and modding the armour? Why not buy it complete? It's about taking something and putting your own touches on it. Yes its cheaper to start with and I'm sure it would even out in the end, but at least you can say, "This is what it was, this is what I've done". Hell, I've primed mine again (after I put a nice gloss coat on it because I goofed on painting the teeth). Would I have liked a TE2 or AP, sure. But I don't have $450 right now. I do have some time and some skill at this, so why not? To each their own. 2.3cents Canadian. DD.
  8. Yah, put all my lower half on last night and gasped. I was really trying to avoid any large black gaps on the legs. Moving it down lower will hopefully minimize that. Having some issues with the thigh pieces sitting right, even after I Macgyvered a garter belt rig. Putting foam in them is the next step I guess. Going to try heating up the thighs in my clothes dryer (yes, I said my clothes dryer). I'll get it good and hot first, put the hat rack in and see if that softens them up enough. If so, I can probably get a better circular shape out of them, I hope so anyway. I assume you mean my avatar about the tube stripes?
  9. Ended up drilling out the rivets last night and will now mount further down. I noticed some of the more accurate suits have the ends rounded off, so I will be doing this myself as l will be tapping in the centre of the belt. So it was more a lucky mistake than one that couldn't be fixed. Thanks for the help from all.
  10. Paul: Thanks, that's what I kinda thought, but had to ask. Any idea on placement of the power cell ammo belt? Does it matter? Ryan: I hope your avatar is your girlfriend/wife/mistress. Alain: Thanks...can't do much about mine now, but thought I would ask for those after me.
  11. I probably should have asked before I riveted it onto my thigh piece, but just wanted to get it off my mind. I put mine so that the bottom edge is flush with the bottom edge of the FX thigh armour. I've noticed a few different ways of doing it, does it matter, or should it be more centred or further down??? DD. EDIT: Came across this. Why does it look like in this picture there is a peak coming up from the power pack ammo belt?
  12. I thought they were the same two guys when I watched both. But, I think the Ho brothers are much quicker and smoother in their attacks.
  13. Hell why not. Please include me in on the PM. I like my MRCE, but I'd like a more wonky lid just to say I have more than one!
  14. I used Krylon Fusion, says you don't need a primer, but it doesn't hurt. I'm actually repainting mine because I messed up the frown grey and tried to do a quick fix...screwed up the touch-up, so I decided to prime again and shoot some new Fusion onto it. I like the wet-sand, no major scratching and gives it a sheen. Hint. Do not use turtle wax until you are completely happy with the paint job (ie traps etc). The paint won't stick. Found that out the hard way...reason two why I'm repainting!
  15. Kinda like the Steinfeld episode with BO. I had this odour eliminator product a while back (when matches just don't cut it). I'm going to try and find that and see if it works. What is actually causing it? The plastic/vinyl they used? I wonder if I wash them, inside and out? Well, keep them coming...something must work! DD.
  16. Is there a way to get rid of it, or just airing them out for 6 months to a year will do? I was thinking getting a bottle of Febreze and pouring one in each! Man they stink! So the question is...how can I eliminate the stench? Tricks anyone!
  17. Saw some at Walmart. Looks like both would work. I'll give it a go. Thanks...
  18. The Tandy Store will have the buttons. That's the main reason I was heading over. You want the 1/4" (1290-02). http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/product...?number=1290-02 I'm in NY that weekend, so it looks like I'll miss it. I wanted to take my kids (went to the ComicCon - which was a huge disappointment). I'm just finishing up my thighs and some odds and ends. Have fun!
  19. Yah, that's the one I found on google maps. I'll make a trip this weekend. You with the Toronto garrison? I can't get a hold of anyone over there. Thanks Paul.
  20. I've tried to find these here (Canada aka North America). I can't seem to find them, look to be more of an European thing. The closest I found was a Cooper Batting Helmet, but I had to cut it fit. The kneepads would be way better... DD.
  21. Sandman, where was the Tandy Leather Shop. I think there is one in Mississauga, is that the one you went too?
  22. True. But through all the movies they were called Clone Troopers, never a mention of Stormtroopers (not that I recall). But still, just something I picked up on and thought about the shift to the more 'classic' armour we all know. So when was the shift, outside of FU, is there a point when PHII CT armour turned into TK PH1? Wookipedia doesn't really have anything.
  23. I think having a nice story arch about Stormies would be better than a tube of processed cheese. I love reading about their lives (ie Republic Commandos to TKs in Allegiance). I've also heard that they are aiming for the fall of 2009 for the pilot. They are currently writing (British and Italian writers), and as some one previous mentioned, will feature Boba Fett pretty prominently (along with some other bounty hunters). Check out some back copies of SW: Insider, has a few interviews with Uncle George and other keys people on the project. Can wait. I'll get my fill this Friday when I take the kids to the latest flick. DD.
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