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  1. No worries, I’ll get my scratch back. Rather have had the blasters of course. Any recommendations for another builder ? Looking for the SE-44 sidearm now. TIA.
  2. Yep, confirming these are the smaller clips. Larger ones for the legs are twice the size. Pic below sent from another builder showing the front notch I’ll be trying.
  3. Advice needed on fitting the greeblies into the indents. I’ll eventually curve them w a heat gun, but they’ll still be too big. Thinking of notching out the lower edge on the front so at least the base sits flush. Top edge will still extend past the indent. What has everyone else done?
  4. Heston has not only closed his Etsy shop but lied about it and his “production” schedule to bilk a couple of us out of a few hundred dollars. Not returning messages, he’s gone. Suggest if any of you have outstanding orders, file claims now w Etsy and/or PayPal.
  5. Just checked out the fiberglass matting video, thx. Curious how he was able to pull it off that bucket once dry though. Will this adhere to the inside of our armor if I rough it up w sandpaper as you suggested? Thx, I appreciate the input!
  6. Can anybody offer any advice on how to repair the butt plate? ROTJ design so it’s attached to the kidney plate. Costly to replace. Mfr: TM 2mm acrylic -capped ABS Thanks in advance.
  7. Built mine about 2 years ago. Got it from Sskunkie and even that took about 3 months to get. He was the only one making them back then. Just not enough demand unfortunately. If you’re forced to convert an ANH, I can send you lots of photos of the different greeblies, the rails, the scope, etc. Wish I could help.
  8. It was a pleasant surprise for all of us Steve! Who knew!
  9. The Empire City Garrison was asked to participate in the Star Wars Night at Yankee Stadium on May The Fourth this year. After the parade around the field, the stormtroopers were asked to escort director Ron Howard to the mound to throw out the first pitch! Great time was had by all!
  10. 1. Joe 2. Mantello 3. TK-91452 4. Letter Size 5. Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/91452-eib.png
  11. Yep. What TM said. The trim is exclusive to the ROTJ build though, if you want 501st approval. Different design on all the leg/arm pcs, bells, belt, helmet and more. Are you doing an ROTJ suit?
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