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  1. Welcome Aboardd! Like you Kenney I mostly come in to share and live vicariously through the members who troop. I'm also overwhelmed as a full time dad and single parent and still running a model building business. It's a great bunch around here and If you contribute your skills it'll help out a lot. I'll just say I've known Kenney for a long time and he's good people glad you are here. Lee
  2. Typically in the UK it's 20% tax. I have to ship models over that cost $8500 US..can you imagine the outrageous hit on that? sucks for them.
  3. I'd be very surprised if they actually produce a wearable suit. Disney was very strict on their instructions to Anovos and their license to do these only covered making suits for premieres and events. A friend recently went Anaheim Disney and the suits the employees were wearing were not Anovos suits.
  4. The originals were produced by Propshop in the UK. They wanted to get into making the replicas for the fans and for some reason Disney wasn't having anything to do with it. I think they were told to provide files to Anovos and they just turned over stuff that had to be cleaned up and not the easiest file to work. I assume derived means they created their product from the files provided by propshop.
  5. Ok just found photos of the helmet on right in another post looks to me that version is really much more accurate to the real deal.
  6. The one on the left is not a hero and if it's an original it's a fiberglass stunt. You can tell by the seam lines are fused and not separate pieces. Actually looking at both helmets neither are accurate. Also the brow trim is the dead giveaway both are replicas.
  7. Actually it was all of the FISD links. I checked and I probably wasn't logged in when clicking. Sorry about that.
  8. Does anyone produce these? I'm not adept at sewing. LOL
  9. Hey just a heads up a few of the links are no good they go to pages no longer up.
  10. Man I sure hope my friend isn't kicking himself too. He's a good guy but he also got a screen matched blaster and he's just a great guy. When we did the blaster deal at the time we didn't know what was what except that i had screen matched his and that's the one he should should keep.
  11. Not sure this helps but it is the only other decent one I have. Of the plate that is. I have more photos I can send you PWC..pm me your email addy
  12. Hey yes. I mentioned on my post when he leans on wall of the compactor it is a firing for the close up. Good call and without question at least two different types were used. Definitely post better screen grabs if you have them. It would definitely help. I'm curious about the D-ring/Sling attachment ... the control room blaster with 3po...the trooper orders the other TK who bumped his head on the door to stand guard...same trooper I have in photos on first post...look when he first obeys command to stand guard...you can see a big D ring on the back of the blaster. So the D-ring made it through a few scenes before being taken or torn off. Just something interesting. Got a screen cap..check that D-ring.
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