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  1. Typically in the UK it's 20% tax. I have to ship models over that cost $8500 US..can you imagine the outrageous hit on that? sucks for them.
  2. I'd be very surprised if they actually produce a wearable suit. Disney was very strict on their instructions to Anovos and their license to do these only covered making suits for premieres and events. A friend recently went Anaheim Disney and the suits the employees were wearing were not Anovos suits.
  3. The originals were produced by Propshop in the UK. They wanted to get into making the replicas for the fans and for some reason Disney wasn't having anything to do with it. I think they were told to provide files to Anovos and they just turned over stuff that had to be cleaned up and not the easiest file to work. I assume derived means they created their product from the files provided by propshop.
  4. Ok just found photos of the helmet on right in another post looks to me that version is really much more accurate to the real deal.
  5. The one on the left is not a hero and if it's an original it's a fiberglass stunt. You can tell by the seam lines are fused and not separate pieces. Actually looking at both helmets neither are accurate. Also the brow trim is the dead giveaway both are replicas.
  6. Does anyone produce these? I'm not adept at sewing. LOL
  7. Man I sure hope my friend isn't kicking himself too. He's a good guy but he also got a screen matched blaster and he's just a great guy. When we did the blaster deal at the time we didn't know what was what except that i had screen matched his and that's the one he should should keep.
  8. Not sure this helps but it is the only other decent one I have. Of the plate that is. I have more photos I can send you PWC..pm me your email addy
  9. Hey yes. I mentioned on my post when he leans on wall of the compactor it is a firing for the close up. Good call and without question at least two different types were used. Definitely post better screen grabs if you have them. It would definitely help. I'm curious about the D-ring/Sling attachment ... the control room blaster with 3po...the trooper orders the other TK who bumped his head on the door to stand guard...same trooper I have in photos on first post...look when he first obeys command to stand guard...you can see a big D ring on the back of the blaster. So the D-ring made it through a few scenes before being taken or torn off. Just something interesting. Got a screen cap..check that D-ring.
  10. I have another angle you can see maybe 3 more characters. I'll get it in here soon. Hope this helps out in some small way. It ends tomorrow and it's headed to Indiana State Museum for a few months May 25th. If anyone is in the area maybe you can grab a better photo of that area.
  11. Man I stumbled on some more stuff regarding this blaster today. I'm going drop it in here soon let you folks digest it. It's a walk down the rabbit hole for sure. Ok got photos into imageshack. I was doing some research on something else on Blu-ray and I stumbled onto some more interesting stuff. Please note I am not trying to find pictures in the clouds and convince anyone of what I see I'll let you decide. But I feel what is presented is very compelling and convincing. Something has bugged me...the wooden dowel center barrel in my blaster is cracked and peeling like it got wet..others I have seen are not like this. See the comparison below. A friend of mine has one and here is the image of his barrel with t-track removed. Note the smoothness of the wooden dowel behind the vents? Here is mine without the t-track you can also see dowel that blocks last set of holes. It slides back a little more but not much. The magazine won't fit all the way if you push dowel back too far. Another interesting thing I will point out later on that is indicative of this being one of Hamill's blasters he used in the computer. (note the peeling and cracking). I had to use my camera to shoot photo that way there was no retouch of image. Hamill is about to grab comlink to call for 3po's help. You can also see D-ring (which many thought was never on these and the rivet for scope rail. I found the D-ring on other blasters like this as well and will share later. I will get better screen grabs soon . Also of note when he is leaning on the wall directly he is using a firing E-11 for the close up. Note: there are 35 years of additional weathering on this puppy. The interesting thing I was going to point out is what caught my eye was in the scene I noticed the mag really sticks out further than most. When I got my blaster it had tape around mag and it was shoved into mag well. The reason the y did this is the bigger dowel blocks the mag from going all the in and there is a cutout in the dowel and if the dowel moves or spins it blocks the mag well.I figured out how to move the dowel around so it would fit. See below.
  12. Chatting with Vern last night and I mentioned I was at the Science Meets Imagination exhibit a few times taking photos for reference on the 5 foot ANH Falcon(I then took photos of the Landspeeder). I'm obsessed with trying to findout what these fuses come from...I think they are resisters for high voltage. Anyway my eye spied a data plate like mentioned previously in the thread. But this one hasn't been painted over. I apologize for the photo quality I was like 10 feet away. Anyway I think if you can crack the data plates on this stuff you will find out what it is. Lee
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